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Link Hero - Links From High Metric Real Sites
08-06-2017, 05:40 AM,
Link Hero - Links From High Metric Real Sites
Link Hero is a link building service that allows you to get links from relevant, high metric sites.

Link Hero is not a PBN or a guest posting service, it is a whitehat outreach service that places your link into an existing, relevant piece of content on the site.

The good news for you is that I have already done the outreach! I have spent some time building up relationships with the site owners, and this allows me to get links on their sites, on demand.

These are not sites that were built purely for the purpose of link building, nor are they sites that have been abandoned and picked by an SEO who is now selling links from them. These are real blogs with real owners, and most if not all of them are still regularly posting fresh content.

These are also high quality sites. Take a look at a sample of sites, and see the metrics for yourself -

[Image: proxy.php?]

Will these links improve my rankings?
While I can't give any guarantees about the ranking potential, these are very powerful links that will push you up the SERPs. Unlike guest posts, which are created on brand new pages, these links are added to existing pages that already have authority and have already been indexed.

I have been using these links on my own and my client's properties for a while now, and have had outstanding results.

Are these sites created solely for the purpose of getting backlinks?
No! These sites are not PBNs, they are real sites run by real people, some of them are 15+ years old with thousands of pages of content and thousands of monthly visitors. Over time I have built up a good working relationship with these blog owners, this allows me to acquire backlinks from their website, on demand.

Are these guest posts?
No. These are contextual links that are placed into a relevant existing article.

How do I order?
Once you have chosen what sites you would like, Please use the order form which is located here.

The order form has space for you to order 5 links. If you need any more than this, you can either submit the form again or contact me at with all the information.

Once I have received your order I will send an invoice through Paypal, and when the invoice has been paid I will start your order and send you confirmation of payment.

Is my anchor text guaranteed to be used?
Unfortunately not. A small number of the website owners do not want to add any additional content to their articles. If this is the case I will choose anchor text that is related to your keyword, and I will contact you to confirm that you are happy with the anchor text.

What is the turn around time (TAT)?
TAT is 7 – 10 days from the date of payment, however it is usually much quicker than this. In some cases, orders are completed the same day!

Why can’t I see the URLs of the sites?
I don’t show the URLs of the sites, this is to protect them from spammers and people asking for links themselves. If you are not sure whether a site would be a good fit for you, just email me the number and your keyword/anchor text and I will check to see if it is relevant. You will see the site after your order has been completed.

Will I receive a report?
Once your order is completed you will receive a report that contains the full URL where your link has been placed.

Do I need to provide content for these links?
No, these are not guest posts so no content is needed.

Do you accept adult or gambling sites?
Unfortunately not.

Every site varies in price, with the prices starting at $60.

How do I order?
You can browse all of the sites and order here -

You can also contact me on Skype at or Sammy LinkHero.

10-02-2017, 08:21 PM,
RE: Link Hero - Links From High Metric Real Sites
Link Hero prices have been adjusted and most are now cheaper, I have also removed some low-quality sites.

You can also order a package and save up to 50%!

Order today -

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