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Gagapay Network- smart marketing powered by NEO.
03-14-2018, 02:48 AM,
Gagapay Network- smart marketing powered by NEO.
[Image: c8mtUc]
Going live the ICO on March 23rd 2018!! could be a great platform for affiliate marketers like us Nodding

The build-your-own platform for creating affiliate, referral, network marketing and loyalty reward
programs powered by smart contracts!
The all-in-one smart marketing platform powered by NEO smart contracts.
Become the next Dropbox, Airbnb or Amazon of successful referral marketing!
While existing blockchain powered platforms offer to host only affiliate or referral programs, our
platform will allow to create a combination of affiliate, referral, network marketing and loyalty
programs - all under a single account.
From good to great - create your own success story with Gagapay Network. 

• Simple drag-and-drop interface with intuitive design and ready-made templates
• Combine any of our affiliate, referral, network marketing and loyalty programs – all under
one membership account
• Reliable, secure and transparent smart contracts that self-execute (instant or scheduled)
reward payouts
• Aimed at both blockchain and non-blockchain businesses allowing to integrate both
crypto and fiat currencies with payment plug-ins
• Built on blockchain technology using smart and secure NEO Auth for user login – it is
safer than other 2FAs
• Seamlessly integrated with Gagapay crypto platform allowing to store, exchange and
use earned crypto rewards via mobile and debit card payments
Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective type of marketing with 89% of consumers
trusting real recommendations over ads.
That is how Dropbox grew its customer base from 100k to 4 million in just under 15months -
by running a successful referral program.
Creating a custom affiliate, referral or loyalty program is very time and resource consuming
therefore traditional advertising channels are prioritized.
Becoming the next Dropbox success story should be accessible even for startup budgets

Gagapay Network annual membership allows to create and host any combination of our offered
programs with one account.
Who will use Gagapay Network?
The user interface for individuals will have a complete list of all marketing programs hosted by our
merchant businesses. Individuals will be able to join any of the public programs and invite their
existing friend network while still using the same user account.
Individuals will also profit from:
1. Secure login with NEO Auth
2. Invite the same referral network for different programs
3. Receive instant reward payments secured by smart contracts
4. Get real-time performance reports
5. See detailed network structure and earnings in real-time
Anyone from ICOs, startups, SMEs to large corporations will be able to easily create customizable
relationship marketing programs. Hosting affiliate, referral, network marketing and loyalty
programs will be possible from a single platform. Enterprises will also profit from:
1. Real-time performance tracking and analysis
2. Automatic reward distribution with smart contracts
3. Comprehensive overview of network structure and its performance
4. Support for crypto and fiat payment plug-ins
5. Easy integration with e-commerce, CMR and other plug-ins
6. Open API
Gaga Token usage:
- Enterprises can purchase an annual membership subscription only with GagaTokens
-Extra platform functions can be unlocked only with tokens
-Token holders will enjoy reduced commission fees for settling such fees
Believing that blockchain tech can bring financial freedom back to the community, our team of
finance, marketing and IT enthusiasts are developing several integrated crypto projects to build a
one-stop crypto destination.
Here is a small excerpt of video content our agency will make
Every company aims at be the next Uber, Amazon or Dropbox - but what's their key to
success? How did they manage to grow such a large and loyal custo

The answer is word-of-mouth marketing - the oldest and most effective way of reaching
the right customer.
Peer-to-peer recommendations has one of the highest influences over purchase
decisions - up to 89% of consumers puts trust in their friends' advice. Friends know their
friends the best, right? This is where businesses can tap into to accelerate their growth
by simply boosting “friends recommending to friends” good products and services. But
what does it really mean?
Ever heard of affiliate, referral and networking marketing?
Referral marketing is what helped Dropbox reach 4 million customers from 100k in under
15 months, and Uber to expand to over 50 countries in 3 years. Sounds like they went to
the moon?
Actually, it is a result of a smart decision NOT TO WASTE large amounts of money into
traditional marketing channels that are already oversaturated. Why not target your
customers via their most trusted source - friends and people whose opinion they can
So why do all businesses do not have some type of affiliate, referral or network marketing
in place?
Because it is time, money and human resource consuming to track, analyze,
monitor and execute such campaigns. Which is why they have not become the go-to
strategy from the start.
What if these barriers could be removed?
This is where we introduce a real solution - blockchain technology. Building a platform on
a blockchain brings trust, transparency, security and the ingenuity of a decentralized
Smart contracts can manage, track and self-execute reward distribution according to
performance and any other variable.
We are building Gagapay Network - an all-in-one platform for creating your own
affiliate, referral, network marketing and loyalty programs. Built on NEO blockchain
using smart contracts and NEO Auth for secure login. We are targeting businesses
operating on blockchain - companies in ICO stages and beyond, as well as nonblockchain
companies that can benefit from the trustworthy, transparent and selfperforming
smart contracts. All for an annual membership bought with Gaga Tokens. 

Token holders will able to unlock extra platform features and save money by paying
for commission fees in Gaga tokens.
So, what's in store?
1. A simple click-and-drag interface with intuitive design and ready-made
templates that can be integrated in your existing website or app
2. Real time performance tracking and analysis
3. Automatic (instant or scheduled) reward distribution supported by smart contracts
4. Easy integration with e-commerce, CMR, payment platforms and an Open API
5. We will support both crypto and fiat payment gateway plugins
6. An already integrated crypto payment platform Gagapay for storing,
exchanging and using multiple cryptocurrencies for payments via debit card.
7. Marketplace for individuals offering to join existing relationship programs hosted
on our platform - all in one user account without membership fees.
From good to great - create your own success story with Gagapay Network.
Join our ICO:
[Image: m9VWFH]

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