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Analysis of Forming Machine of Aluminum Automotive Component
04-13-2018, 06:24 PM,
Analysis of Forming Machine of Aluminum Automotive Component
Roll forming process is currently used in manufacturing of many automotive components. The material of roll formed product is gradually changed from proper steel to aluminum for reducing the weight of car. The process with aluminum material has many different characteristic to steel and still is not investigated clearly. This paper preswww.lw20.coments the Finite Element Analysis of K Span Forming Machine of aluminum automotive component. Many important results, such as distribution of longitudinal strain, analysis of spring back phenomenon, failure in process, or redundant deformation have been obtained. The comparison between process with aluminum and steel is carried out. These results are necessary for determining major factors in optimization procedure of roll forming of automotive component.
Cutting roll-formed steel C-section to stub columns will produce different extent of cross section distortion along the lengths and cause additional initial geometric imperfections. Considering material nonlinear, geometric nonlinear and initial geometric imperfections, the axial compressive bearing capacities and failure modes were analyzed with finite element method for cut stub columns with two kinds of C-section. The analysis results were compared with the compressive testing data of the cut stub columns.
The specifications about formaldehyde release from wood-based panels of both domestic and overseas were introduced. The 40 L acrylic desiccator method was applied to test the formaldehyde release. The results showed that the deviation of this method was smaller compared to 1 m3 climate box method, which was used in the arbitration detection. At a confident level of 95 %, the coefficient of variation of repeatability was below 10 %. Flexural buckling analysis of sandwich panels with thin purlin roll forming machine formed steel profiled faces and a foamed core is carried out by finite\|strip\|prism method. The buckling critical stress, buckling load and buckling half wavelength of the compressed face in sandwich panels are presented, the theoretical values and the experimental values are compared, and they are in good agreement.
Light metal fibrous core sandwich panel was prepared by pressure sintering with the thickness of 0.4 mm 316L stainless steel panel and the diameter of 5~200 μm fibers. The porosity of sintered fibrous core was varied between 66% and 95%.The dynamic compressive behavior of the sandwich sheet with different sintered porous core was explored with a Split HOPKINSON Pressure Bar(SHPB) testing system. The experiment results indicated that higher strain rate led to the stress lag, the stress lag slowed down with higher pressure.
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