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Why do people find Writing dissertation a hard task?
Of course, most of the PhD or masters student feels research writing is the one of the hardest job because of the bulk of paper writing. the candidates seemed to have challenges in writing all chapters which were included in their research reports. The challenges included inappropriateness in presenting different chapters of the reports and lack of conceptual, subject-matters and academic writing skills.
Getting a PhD is one of the toughest challenges any person will face during his entire life. The PhD course requires not only daily intensive study, countless facts to remember during school time and during exams, but also professional quality research about the topics the professor requires him to do. My dissertation was by research only, so I was publishing milestones as I got results. In the UK is dferent to the USA, there are no classes or grades once you get to PhD but there are milestones you have to cross. But in your case I think you`d better apply to dessertation writing services. I would recommend this one They offer cheaper prices and guarantee Quality and refund. Save your time and nerves. Cheers.