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Full Version: How do I host a WordPress website on my home PC?
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How do I host a WordPress website on my home PC?
It is very simple:

Port Forwared 80, 443
Install Web Server, PHP and Database you can just simply install xampp, wamp or uwamp
Get a static IP from ISP, if you can’t, use dyndns/noip (Dynamic Dns service online, which regularly update your computer IP with the DNS).
If you are using static IP goto domain registrar and register a DNS and point to your domain name.
If you are using DYNDNS /noipyou have to use DYNDNS/noip DNS
Setup Bind DNS on your computer.
I don’t want to go in detail, you can search on google for each and every steps.

My advice is . They provided really fast speed and support. It's really good method when you are going to start your business and want to make a pretty website