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Full Version: The Best and Guaranteed VCC
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I can provide you VCC
vcc -1.5 $ +balans 
Contact in Skype:kozakoa
We accept
If for some reason your VCC was not accepted by the seller, we will refund you the cost of the card
I have 2 different cards that work with Bing.
there are virtual cards, they are not for
it all depends on the country
Plastic is suitable for all countries
vсc -1.5 $ ,+balans
plastic 3$ +balans
sound very interesting, hope they work. if so i will order many

the price of the vcc for bing?
this guy is very legitimate by the way, very helpful and friendly guy with great service. customer service is fantastic, i highly recommend him
does the bing vcc work, has anyone tried these bing vcc

what's the cost for the card that works word wide

thank you
Hey oazis

You still selling these ing VCC's and how much? Looking to buy multiple ones from you if they are good
Do you still have VCCs available to sell?
What is the difference between the VCC you offer and the ones offered here
ok i need this for creating single optin Account creation,would it help or not?
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