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Full Version: Facebook and google account to run advertising !
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Hello everyone ! Smirking
Today I want to talk to you about advertising on Facebook- Google.
We all have at least a self-running ads on Facebook or Google and have rejected the ad or receive alerts from advertisers for accounts exceeding allowed limit, or that the account running the Reach of low, high price, low confidence.
I am the Representative of the international media group, the premium partner of Facebook and google. We are seeking partners to hire Premium Account Facebook and Google. We guarantee:
- Rent with cheap fee account
- Extremely high quality account
- Ability to spend money the best
- Fast processing times
NOTE: Special Account for the business through the appropriate Internet Affiliate Marketing, Traffic: diet, skin care, cosmetic, news, weight loss, Nutria, viral content .....
if you need please contact me via Skype: tuananh94km or facebook:tuananh94km