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Full Version: What are the effects of testosterone injections?
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What are the effects of testosterone injections?
The effects are subtle at first but increase as your T-levels increase from each injection. I am noticing a few things:

Sex Drive has increased.
I’ve gained a sizable amount of weight, but my waistline hasn’t increase as well as my body fat %. I assume this means I am building denser, heavier muscle. Some rhetoric says you can “swell up”, but I’ve noticed I’ve actually become leaner.
My work capacity in the gym has increased. I believe I am recovering faster, and able to push my body to new heights.

You can read more about testosterone injection work here.
Frankly speaking, there can be diverging effects. All depends on how to choose the dosage. In case you decide to deal with Testosterone Therapy without taking guidance from a doctor, there will not be any pros. Alternatively, if the T-injections is prescribed by a specialist, you will probably feel improvements in this:
  • Smirking Metabolism

  • Rofl Energy levels

  • Waiting Sleep

  • Headbang Bone mineral density

  • Muscle Muscle mass

  • Angel Brain functions

  • Rofl Emotional well-being

  • Heart Heart health

  •   Legs Cholesterol levels

  • Brokenheart Red blood cell production

  •  Sexual functions and responsiveness
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