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Full Version: What is the best travel planning websites?
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What websites do you use when planning a trip?
(05-17-2019, 11:38 AM)Chi Wrote: [ -> ]What websites do you use when planning a trip?

I am dreaming of visiting Italy. In my view, this country is the most special, most charm with the highest number of unique cities and beautiful landscapes. Actually, I am a big fan of traveling and I don't miss any opportunities to visit a new place. If you like to travel as I do, I recommend you save this website, it's irreplaceable when planning traveling.
Me too, I adore Italy, Italian culture and I want to visit it SO much. By the way, does someone know any boat rental there in Italy? I'm just planning my future trip
Yeah, Italy is a great country with an interesting traditions and culture. I don't like sailing, but my husband loves it too much, I asked him and he said that you may rent a yacht in italy on In his opinion, it's the best company, but you can search other sites and companies on the Internet.