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Full Version: Youtube SEO Secrets Start Ranking #1 Tips To Crush Youtube
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Google & Youtube Rank #1 + SEO Strategies For More Youtube Traffic: Learn To Rank Every Video Better In Search Results

Build a full understanding of Youtube Video Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for beginners.

What Students will learn:
How Videos Rank on Youtube
Key Factors for Ranking Videos Higher on Youtube
Optimizing Youtube Factors such as Title, Tags, and Description for SEO
Effectively using annotations for SEO
Thumbnail Designs do improve SEO
How To Design Youtube Thumbnails for better SE
How to use Playlist for better SEO

This course will help advance your knowledge and allow you to skip the newbie stage. Scientist says anyone must spend 10,000 hrs to become an expert on a specific topic to become a self-learned expert. We are confident we can speed you through the 10,000 hrs by sharing the needed knowledge for Youtube SEO. This course will have you ranking videos higher from the start.

Download link:!l5t0gLyD!mIWRkJLz6K9xX...LUmrBtRHh0