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Full Version: YouTube Audio and Video Production - The Complete Course
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Learn to Record Professional Audio and Videos as a one-person team that you can publish on YouTube

Learning how to record high-quality audio and video as a one-person team that will stand you out from the crowd in a world which is now full of online video creators. 

In this course you will gain a deep understanding of audio and video recording and also editing audio and video. 

You'll learn the beauty and the power of video and audio techniques that's used by professional one-person team YouTubers and online course creators today. 

This course will cover such topics as :

Pop Shield
Microphones Stands
Vocal Booths
Audio Interfaces
Vocal Pre-Amps
Studio Monitors
Room Treatment
Vocal Mixing
Screenflow Screen Capture Software
DSLR and USB Cameras
Green Screens
Ring Lights
Screen Resolution
Video Editing
Presentation Skills
and more!

Download link:!hJNVWIjb!RVS8je-0EIz6J...r2VuUUNvfU