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Full Version: How many countries have you visited?
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And what countries do you want to visit next time?
Vietnam & Egypt & Indonesia & Germany & Italy Bigsmile
I want to visit as many countries as possible, I hope someday my dream will come true. Actually, I started traveling not so long ago, approximately 3 years ago and have been to 5 countries for now. This Autumn I am planning a 30-day trip around Europe. By the way, I always look for cheap flights, thanks to it I save a good amount of money
I have not visited as many countries as I would like, but I am working to have such an opportunity. After all, travel is not cheap pleasure and not for everyone, especially if we are talking about quality travel in a normal hotel with good food, etc. Now I am doing pretty well making money bitcoin gambling. As it turned out - this is a good way to earn!