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Full Version: Is trading Forex really worth it?
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Is trading Forex really worth it?
Yes, it is. I’ve never lived a better life than I do now as a trader. No, one can make much more than 20% annually. People like to think in percentages way too much.
Hi, I hope if you ask such a question you are aware of trading in general. Here is my broker Still I recommend to investigate the subject deeper and stay away of some local companies offering low percent of investment, most of them are bed eggs, believe me.
Yes, there are a lot of ways to make money on it.
I also like sports betting.
I don't like trading. This time, I am using which is a good start to watch sport and also to relax in this way. They are having a lot of interesting options and information about football, basketball or some other sport.
I’m not sure that trading forex or crypto or other stuff might be a good idea until you are specialized in this kinda sphere . For me it’s easier to get cash here cuz I know I’m good a thing playin poker and sometimes can Play blackjack and other games but the best for me is poker.