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Full Version: Which is your favorite sport for a bet?
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Which is your favorite sport for a bet?
Personally, I prefer Tennis because you have to focus only on 1 person, and its an extremely skew-symmetric game, i.e. the favourites are more than likely to win. However, it is rigorous because you have to follow the sport closely, matches happen everyday, and if you miss a single tweet/news about player injury you can lose big.
Of course it is football. But it is all due to its mass media reflection. Still I used to play football at college and still like to gather with my co-workers every Sunday and play. I really enjoy a team spirit and the atmosphere. We also have a tradition to watch some matches afterwards somewhere in the pub and betting trough It is always so exciting to get some extra money simply watching TV
I also use sports betting.
xbet and different interesting online opportunities.
I am currently bet on sport and also used arbitrage betting that helped me to know more about it and to bet on sport when I have free time. I believe that there is a strategy helping to bet on sport and to make money online.
Football, Hockey, Basketball, Tennis
(10-18-2019, 07:03 PM)Brexit Wrote: [ -> ]Which is your favorite sport for a bet?

Of course, this is football and tennis, they most often bet on these sports, the main thing is not to miss an important match and have time to bet, I look at the match schedule on the site