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Full Version: What is your hobby?
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What is your hobby?
In my free time I enjoy painting and reading classical literature.
I love to play sports and mostly - it's football! By the way, I learn a lot of interesting things on in my opinion this is the best site for sports statistics.
As for me, my hobby for relaxation is to listen to meditation. When I'm going to bed and meditate, my body relaxes, thoughts become clearer. I meditate for 10 minutes every day, turn on the stopwatch timer on the computer and enjoy the moment. It's the best relaxation time for me.
I like to watch different films
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My hobby is football! Of course!
My hobby is my business. I spend all my free time on it. I love my job and I'm glad I can do it. In addition, it brings me good income. It's cool when I am prefer some things that bring money. I worked with a firm from Hong Kong that registered, accounting my business. This is convenient because I devote time to interesting work, not organizational matters.
Soe hobby is horseback riding. For me, it's a great sport. It helps to relax, take in the world and enjoy nature and travel. I really love it and I spend a lot of time riding
My hobby is flowers. I have small flower beds in my garden. It's really good. It also helps me calm down and rest after a difficult day. It is important to me that everything is good and all the materials are quality. I buy everything for my hobby through flower pot online shop . This pots are really good, every garden lover say it!