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Full Version: What is best way to buy Bitcoin via credit card?
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What is best way to buy Bitcoin via credit card?
I work and sell currency on the polehin site Who did not know, this is a Bitcoin wallet, that is, a platform for trading ordinary currency on digital with your credit card. You can find a lot of articles about cryptocurrency trading on the Internet, so I learned how to raise money with bitcoin. And if you are interested in the price course for digital currency, then on polehin there is a graph of decline and rise, which is updated daily.
research and find a reputable peer-2-peer trading site if you are needing something quickly or if you do not need them immediately research and find a good exchange that accepts credit cards, however most do not and you will likely have to look internationally for that
I hope you are aware that unlike money on a bank card, the account of bitcoins is carried out in the blockchain. This is something like bookkeeping. So, I would rather recommend to  purchase bitcoins with a credit card This platform makes this procedure being very handy and you can get maximum of profit. Simply give them a try.