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Full Version: Cubebrush - ART School by Marc Brunet From Term 1 to Term 10
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Cubebrush - ART School TERM Collection (1 - 10) by Marc Brunet  | 64.15 GB[/center]
Art School for Digital Artists is like your typical art school college curriculum, but with better classes and at a fraction of the cost.

The 10 "terms" included in the complete pack will focus on digital arts in general, giving you the best artistic base you would expect from top colleges around the world, but without the fluff and in a practical digital format.

Released so far:
- ART School TERM 1 (8h46 hours)
Nude Figure Drawing
Perspective 1
Photoshop for Digital Prod 1
Visual Communication 1

- ART School TERM 2 (9h19 hours)
Visual Communication 2
Photoshop for Digital Prod 2
Perspective 2
Anatomy 1

- ART School TERM 3 (11h35 total)
ZBrush for Digital Prod
Clothed Figure Drawing
Anatomy 2

- ART School TERM 4 (8h42 total)
Color & Light Theory 1
Film & Game Production Overview
Anatomy 3

- ART School TERM 5 (13h30m total)
Character Design
Nude Figure Sculpting
Animal & Creature Drawing

- ART School TERM 6 (7h 52 total)
Color & Light Theory 2
Composition & Storytelling
Mech Design

- ART School TERM 7 (6h06 total)
Enhanced Learning
Physics of Materials
Personal Project 1

- ART School TERM 8 (10h47 total)
Prop Design
Environment Design
Personal Project 2

- ART School TERM 9 (9h20m total)
Matte Painting
Introduction to Graphic Design
Personal Project 3

- ART School TERM 10 (4h05m total)
Digital Painting



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Cubebrush - ART School by Marc Brunet From Term 1 to Term 10