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Full Version: The History behind Marijuana / Hemp The History behind Marijuana / Hemp
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There's an interesting story line behind how pot became illegal and the hysteria behind it, it's worth reading."

Cotton Farmers in the early 1900's felt threatened by the Hemp Fiber Industry. Same with Large Newspapers and Oil Industry.

A guy patented a super-efficient Hemp Processing machine and fiber source......he and his machine went missing.

in 1936, a church group were behind financing and promoting the propaganda film "Reefer Madness" .

In 1938 Hemp was touted as in Popular Mechanics as the next Billion Dollar industry.

Hemp goes back thousands and thousands of years.

Interesting read from MIT university here. Facts and Data vs TrumpFakeDrugNews

To All - Discuss the History and Big Business Business interference,
without it degrading into all about getting high and stoners from
highschool or other social problems like opiods or booze.

Big Business = Power, Money, Control.

Very informational. Thank you!
I like how marijuana was considered something great around two hundred years ago, and with time it became restricted for several reasons in different countries. Also, the fact that it is becoming legal again in a lot of countries is great. I don't smoke it, but I like marijuana edibles and, most of all, marijuana capsules. This is a great alternative for non-smoker people. I like them, because it has the same effect, without inhaling the smoke. Also, the fact that there isn't that hard smell of marijuana when burning is awesome.