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Full Version: Advanced Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis by Dr. Steve G. Jones
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Advanced Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis by Dr. Steve G. Jones |
GOOD NEWS FOR Anyone Looking For The Secret To Hypnotically Controlling The Mind Of Anyone Through Everyday Conversation
“World Class Hypnotist To The Stars Reveals His Patented Formula For Next Level Conversational Hypnosis”
While my program was helping thousands master the art of hypnotizing others through simple conversation, I was secretly creating an even more powerful version of it.
Initially I was going to offer it exclusively to my coaching clients but I had a change of heart.
More about that in a second.
For now I’d like to show you what I’ve been working on for the past 6 years.

Introducing:Advanced Ultimate Conversational Hypnosis by Dr. Steve G. Jones
Let’s take a closer look at what you will discover:
Module 1: The Art of Anchoring
Module 2: Respect Commanding 101
Module 3: Confidence Explosion
Module 4: Dream Job Mastery
Module 5: Fear Shattering (Failure)
Module 6: Fear Shattering (Success)
Module 7: Law of Attraction Hybrid
Module 8: Next Level Body Language
Module 9: Confidence Builder
Module 10: Fear Shattering (Social)
Module 11: Mega Control
Module 12: Dating & Marriage Mastery
Module 13: Mega Mirroring and Leading
Module 14: Motivation Explosion
Module 15: Positive Habit Creation
Module 16: Mega Rapport
Module 17: Mega Sales Techniques
Module 18: Simple Conversational Hypnosis Techniques
Module 19: Mega Street Hypnosis
Module 20: The Meta Model
Module 21: Meta Programs
Module 22: Pattern Interrupt
Module 23: Representational Systems
Module 24: Mega Self Esteem
Module 25: Self Hypnosis


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