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Hiring USA people for Upwork accounts - Frankzap - 05-06-2019

Hello dear folks, I have a very good business opportunity if you are US citizens. The project consists on creating an upwork account with your personal info, verifying the account and afterwards just giving me access 24/7 to your PC via Teamviewer; compensation will be of $100 USD montly just for renting your PC .

PERKS: It will be a passive income , 100% whitehat business, risk free, payment on time every day of the month agreed via Paypal.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for more info sending a DM or at my skype: [email protected]

Thanks in advance for your interest.
Yours truly
Frank z

RE: Hiring USA people for Upwork accounts - bootycaller - 09-10-2019

I am sorry, but this job announcement seems hocus pocus. I wonder why U.S. people should be interested in that. Yes, sometimes the job situation may be tough, but this doesn't give enough reason to deal with questionable offers.  As a minimum risk, there can be a threat of collecting and trading personal data. Maximum risks I don't even want to discuss. So I guess if you feel so really itchy to try earning money online, buy private proxies so that people won't detect your home address without your consent.