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IM Product Launching 2.0 - IMJaed - 02-11-2017

[Image: 7oOrgwK.jpg?1]

Revealed: The Simple 8-Step Method That Put $25,726.44 In My Pocket In Less Than One Week 
And $10,835.07 in Just 24 Hours...

An easy-to-follow, 8 module step by step system that walks you through the entire process of launching your own product.

Over 4 hours of video training so you can watch over my shoulder as I set everything up right in front of your eyes.

30-Page PDF outlining each video for those that like to read or have something in writing for a quick reference.

Product Launch Checklist that makes it easy for you to get started and put massive cash in your pocket.

Sales Page:

Download link:!MwdhTaAK!yEKw7Oc22WUIKRzOZuxq_kgA4fvO7crbzRMUAv2tZq0