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Small experience about facebook ads - namhoang1302 - 06-10-2019

Today is exactly one month after FB congress testimony. Reason to celebrate? [Image: 1f642.png]:)
Since then, a lot of people have seen the inconsistency with their FB ads results. I've been able to maintain the performance on most of my accounts. Just on some, we had some worse ROI than usually but not significantly.
On some, we have increased the ROI by 30-70% when most people were losing money.

Here are some tips for you to recover your performance and add more consistency to your ads:
1. If ads work for 2-3 days and then stop to perform, I usually do one of two things:
- Pause the adset that stopped performing and re-launch the exact same one. Often times, the new one will perform much better
- Pause the original bad performing ad set. If it had a small budget, take the audiences of some of the good performing adsets you had and combine them together in one adset that had a higher budget.

As always monitor the performance. If ad doesn't hit your KPI's, or the metrics you've established, kill it.
Bad performing adsets is what will eat all your profit if you aren't careful.
It's better to spend less but make more profit, than throw the money out of the window.
As one smart guy Warren Buffett says for rules of investing:
Rule No.1: Never lose money. 
Rule No.2: Never forget rule No.1.

We are investors so the same rules apply [Image: 1f642.png]:)