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Content Marketing Bootcamp By Sujan Patel ($1497) - IMJaed - 05-26-2017

[Image: c6pwhFV.png]

A blueprint for growing your business using content marketing

Content Marketing Bootcamp is a 10-week training program where you’ll discover
exactly what you need to do to leverage content marketing to drive traffic, build your brand, 
generate leads, and drive sales.

Here’s a full breakdown of what’s in the program…
Module 1 – How to start creating powerful and lucrative content to drive business growth
Module 2 – How the top 10% of content marketers boost their traffic, exposure and engagement
Module 3 – Create and publish incredible content… even if you hate to write
Module 4 – The secret to creating epic content that gets shared and promoted
Module 5 – How to find partners to help your business take a ‘quantum leap’ in growth
Module 6 – Build a 5-figure email list with these list building hacks
Module 7 – How to refresh and repurpose old work into brand new viral content
Module 8 – How to track, measure and use data to attract more website visitors
Module 9 – From Zero to 10,000+ visitors in 6 months – How to scale your website traffic
Module 10 – Revealed… Publishing ‘Hacks’ of a Wall Street Journal writer

Download link:!0vIBzAYZ!ZchK88tkwgKIH3peNgLM24fnSKsKfsQuBDb-CSUzsak