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Entertainment - Cavin - 09-02-2019

Hello! What kind of entertainment do you enjoy?

RE: Entertainment - Tomjor33 - 09-02-2019

I like an active entertainments, because I am an active person. I found a great kind of entertainment recently. I really got carried away with escape rooms. It is really funny, this is suitable for different events. For example, dates, walks with friends. I am from London, and I was visited all escape rooms in my city! You can find such rooms on . Try it!

RE: Entertainment - Cavin - 09-02-2019

Nice! Thank you. Can you tell me more about this kind of rest?

RE: Entertainment - Metanoia - 10-15-2019

Reading, drawing, playing computer games and listening to my favourite music.

RE: Entertainment - Jaymes B - 10-22-2019

The most affordable of entertainment is a movie and TV show. I recently bought an Epson Home Cinema.  I chose between Epson Home Cinema 5030UB vs Epson Home Cinema 5040UB, you can see the characteristics here. I mounted everything myself and now I enjoy excellent video quality. It was necessary to do so for a long time. A couple of years ago I constantly went to the cinema with friends, but now work takes too much time ... Sleep or a movie? No, thanks .. I'd rather see all the interesting things at home))

RE: Entertainment - Cavin - 06-24-2022

I found one of the best entertainment for myself during the quarantine period. I registered on a dating site and started chatting with a lot of young and hot girls from all over the world there. it gives me the opportunity to experience unique emotions and get great pleasure.