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What is your hobby? - rukola - 10-22-2019

What is your hobby?

RE: What is your hobby? - goklin - 10-22-2019

In my free time I enjoy painting and reading classical literature.

RE: What is your hobby? - kley - 10-31-2019

I love to play sports and mostly - it's football! By the way, I learn a lot of interesting things on in my opinion this is the best site for sports statistics.

RE: What is your hobby? - Mrmon2 - 12-10-2019

As for me, my hobby for relaxation is to listen to meditation. When I'm going to bed and meditate, my body relaxes, thoughts become clearer. I meditate for 10 minutes every day, turn on the stopwatch timer on the computer and enjoy the moment. It's the best relaxation time for me.

RE: What is your hobby? - Cavin - 12-10-2019

I like to watch different films

RE: What is your hobby? - Karl23 - 12-11-2019

making money $$$... lots of it!

RE: What is your hobby? - Tomjor33 - 01-17-2020

My hobby is football! Of course!

RE: What is your hobby? - Cavin - 01-29-2020

My hobby is my business. I spend all my free time on it. I love my job and I'm glad I can do it. In addition, it brings me good income. It's cool when I am prefer some things that bring money. I worked with a firm from Hong Kong that registered, accounting my business. This is convenient because I devote time to interesting work, not organizational matters.

RE: What is your hobby? - Mrmon2 - 03-04-2020

Soe hobby is horseback riding. For me, it's a great sport. It helps to relax, take in the world and enjoy nature and travel. I really love it and I spend a lot of time riding

RE: What is your hobby? - Tomjor33 - 03-05-2020

My hobby is flowers. I have small flower beds in my garden. It's really good. It also helps me calm down and rest after a difficult day. It is important to me that everything is good and all the materials are quality. I buy everything for my hobby through flower pot online shop . This pots are really good, every garden lover say it!