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Joe Robert - POD Masterclass - IMJaed - 06-02-2020

[Image: ZMqVcRn.jpg?1]

A Complete Guide To Print On Demand With Shopify

What Do You Get?
Winning Niche Blueprint
​General Stores For Dummies
​Niche Stores For Dummies
​POD Designs For Dummies
​Social Media Brand Bootcamp
​Facebook Ads Bootcamp
​IG Influencer Bootcamp
​Funnels & Upsell Bootcamp

-To be successful with Shopify print on demand and Facebook/Instagram marketing you will need to first understand customer psychology. Get my thoughts on the subject..
- See my EXACT strategy for testing my print on demand products. In this section, you'll get several instructional videos so you can replicate this on your store!
- Once you have a campaign that is starting to work well, follow my simple instructions on how to scale it and make more sales per day with these easy to follow videos!

Download link: