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Altium Designer 20.2.5 (Update 2) Build 213 (x64) - marketingprofits - 10-17-2020

<p><br><br>[center][Image: 0f2081cff91f1105e9ef01de60e2ffd6.jpg]<br>Altium Designer 20.2.5 (Update 2) Build 213 (x64) | 2.5 Gb[/center]<br>The Altium development team is pleased to announce the availability of Altium Designer 20.2.5 (Update 2) Build 213 - the most powerful, modern, easy-to-use release to date.<br>{%1%}<br>Version 20.2.5 (Update 2) Build 213 - Date: 13 October 2020<br>Schematic<br>37492 All violations from Connection Matrix were incorrectly added to the "Specific Violations" in the Properties panel after reloading the Schematic document.<br>39694 The 'Send to back' command caused the software to crash when used outside of the sheet. (BC:12218)<br>40693 "No top level document to compare with" error message displayed during attempted import of changes.<br>PCB<br>40443 When IPC-2581 Fabrication files were output, the project board name was appended to the component designators.<br>40752 Footprints with the same name from different libraries are now reported with different names in the generated output files.<br>40793 No custom layers were propagated in the new footprint when created from Vault Explorer. (BC:13639)<br>40794 "Tented" option did not take effect for placed Vias after setting in Preferences dialog. (BC:13392)<br>Draftsman<br>36441 Solder Mask Layers were not displayed when exporting Draftsman document to PDF. (BC:14384)<br>Platform<br>40767 High CPU usage resulted in animations continuing after control was closed.<br>40986 Enabled outputs for the folder structure container were connected with red lines.<br>Data Management<br>39248 PartsSync feature has been added to the software to support Supply Chain in custom providers.<br>40707 Inability to open a project in Altium Designer through the Altium 365 viewer.<br>40844 Altium Designer freezes for several minutes when saving a project to a server.<br>41011 Errors occurred when performing a component rule check if a component had more than one footprint. (BC:14460)<br>41115 Software was delayed before committing a new project to the server.<br>BOM<br>40524 Parameter values with comma decimal separator removed parameter continuity in BO<br>Import/Export<br>40545 The IPC-2581 output generates incorrect Part Angle (Rotation) information.<br><br>Product: Altium Designer<br>Version: 20.2.5 (Update 2) Build 213<br>Supported Architectures: x64<br>Language: english<br>System Requirements: PC *<br>Size: 2.5 Gb<br><br>[center]Link Download<br>[/center]<br>
Quote:<br>Download Via UploadGig<br><br><br><br><br>Download Via Nitroflare<br><br><br><br><br>Download Via Rapidgator <br><br><br><br>
<br>Extract files with WinRar 5 or Latest !</p>