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⛔ 8 Big Mistakes To Avoid... If You Want To Succeed With Facebook Ads
07-28-2020, 04:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 07-28-2020, 04:15 PM by namhoang1302.)
⛔ 8 Big Mistakes To Avoid... If You Want To Succeed With Facebook Ads

MISTAKE #1 - No Research


Who's your ideal client?

What's that painful problem your ideal client experience?

And what are your ideal client's desires and dreams?

Listen, if you are not absolutely clear about these things, you will simply fail.

Unfortunately, most people just skip this part, because it's not that sexy as creating your ad.

But it's necessary if you want to resonate with your ideal client.

So do your research first, before doing anything else.


? MISTAKE #2 - Broken Sales Process


Facebook advertising is just a traffic source.

It's a vehicle for your message & offer.

So if your message & offer sucks, guess what?

Your ads will not magically work.

You need to have an irresistible offer and message that appeals to your ideal clients.

And before you think about scaling your business with Facebook ads...

You need to have converting sales process in place.

It will be different based on the business you have.

If you're in eCommerce, your sales process is probably product page with upsells.

If you're selling an online course, it can be webinar funnel.

If you're selling high-ticket stuff, it can be some type of application funnel.

No matter what it is for you...

Your sales process needs to convert in order to make Facebook advertising work.


? MISTAKE #3 - No Strategy


Here's the reality...

Most people just jump straight into ads manager and start creating ads.

And then they wonder why it doesn't work.

Well, let's be honest.

Even monkey can learn how to click on the buttons in ads manager...and create a campaign.

But the strategy behind it, that's what makes the difference.

Most people don't even know what are their KPI's (Key Performance Metrics)

When I help my clients with their campaigns, the first thing we do is this:

We reverse engineer their target numbers and set up our KPI's.

So that we know exactly what we want to pay for a click, lead, appointment or sale.

We know how many clicks, leads or sales we need to hit every day.

We know how much we need to spend every day to hit that number.

We simply have a really clear strategy before we even jump into ads manager.

How can you track the results of your campaign, if you don't' even know what numbers you need to hit?

The same applies with your ad copy, targeting and ad creative.

You need to create a structure of the campaign first.

How many audiences you're going to test?

How many angles within your copy?


Don't rush straight to ads manager, because what makes your ads usually happening OUTSIDE of ads manager.


? MISTAKE #4 - Don't Test Enough


Facebook ads are all about testing & iteration.

You need to test a lot of different variations to find the best possible combinations of Audience, Message, and Creative.

Let’s say you create a campaign and target just one specific audience.

With just one message

And one ad creative.

How many variations you’re testing?

Yeah..just ONE and that’s a problem.

This is what most people do and that’s also the main reason why the majority of them fail.

Now, let’s imagine the second scenario, where you create a campaign and target 10 different audiences.

With 3 different messages.

And 3 different ad creatives.

Now, you’re testing 90 different variations, which means that you just 90x your chances for success.?

This is one of the basic but the most overlooked part of creating and launching profitable Facebook advertising campaigns.


? MISTAKE #5 - Limit The Power Of Algorithm


Facebook algorithm is smarter than you.

It knows everything about everyone on Facebook.

Yet, most advertisers try to control everything and limit the power of this beast.

A most common example is this:

People try to create an extremely narrow audience because they think it gives them the best chance for success.

So they limit the age...

Narrow the interests into 3 different layers...


This is a big mistake.

You want to do the exact opposite.

For the best performance of your ads, the algorithm needs a space.

That's why targeting broader audiences works much better than if you target a narrow audience.

If someones tell you the opposite, they simply don't know what they talk about.



? MISTAKE #6 - Make Decisions Based On Emotions


Have you ever launched a campaign and then check the results every few hours...or even minutes?

It's tempting, I know.

You're spending your hard earned money, right?

That's why you never want to invest your last money on ads.

If you have the last 1k, that you need for food, etc...

And you invest it into FB ads...

You will be too emotionally attached to that.

Facebook advertising needs to be .

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