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The resurgence of WoW: how has the mythical MMO achieved being No. 1 again?
10-31-2019, 07:30 AM,
The resurgence of WoW: how has the mythical MMO achieved being No. 1 again?
cheap World of Warcraft Classic Gold The World of Warcraft fever has returned this year to close the summer in style. And it is that the announced simultaneous world premiere of WoW Classic appealing to the nostalgia of fans of the saga has achieved a resounding success and historical data for the Azeroth universe. With a million viewers on Twitch the game has managed to keep recurring among the most watched streaming platform since its premiere. A media explosion that has also led to predict from the specialized press the resurgence of one of Blizzard's flagships.

The massively multiplayer online role-playing videogame (MMORPG) is almost 15 years old and since it arrived in 2004 it has managed to catch millions of players around the world with a subscription model that has managed to resist even free fashion- to-play During these 15 years the game has been transformed through seven expansions that have added content progressively to what is still today the title of its genre with the highest user registration. However the change in business models and the emergence of free multiplayer games has led to WoW being a hobby for players who resist abandoning the vast world of Azeroth.

After the premiere of WoW Classic there are many who wonder why in 2019 a game with graphics has triumphed almost two decades ago. A question asked above all those who have lived outside the world of World of Warcraft. But the truth is that this return to the origins of WoW has managed to arouse the illusion among many veteran players who have decided to give the game a new opportunity. Also among many newcomers players who will now know the original WoW experience. Without a doubt a strategy with which Activision Blizzard seeks to increase the number of active players mobilizing the bases and generating noise to attract new players. A basic recipe that has been prepared with very simple ingredients.

The world of Azeroth in its original version

WoW Classic is the pure return to the origins of World of Warcraft. It is a recreation as faithful as possible to the original experience of the game. Not only will you return to the mechanics buy World of Warcraft Classic Gold cheap characters and skills of 15 years ago but also your way of relating to the world and groups (bands) of up to 40 players. So you will need many friends again to play WoW Classic and take special care when choosing the server since you will be limited to a faction (Horde or Alliance) in the PvP worlds. You will also suffer when it comes to leveling up and training your character's skills or weapons but especially when moving around the world. You will walk a lot until you reach level 40 or 60 moments where as a general rule you unlock the mounts and their improvements.

The graphic section has improved without departing from the original standards. The designs remain but the details of the world such as shadows water or vegetation have been outlined. Although you have the option to completely return to the graphics of the 1.12 Drums of War patch and enjoy the experience of the early 2000s on your next-generation gaming computer.

What do you need to play WoW Classic?

One of the widespread rumors is that WoW Classic would arrive as a free game but it is not. It is included in the World of Warcraft subscription plan. That is if we pay the subscription or have remaining game time we will have access to both World of Warcraft and WoW Classic. Both work as independent games and although there will be some elements in common on nothing has to do with each other. Blizzard has announced that there will be a progression of updates of the game similar to that of the original WoW to maintain the experience although the future of this reissue is still unknown.

Although WoW is not one of the strong bets for Activision Blizzard esports it should be remembered that the game had a competitive explosion at the beginning of the decade with competitions such as World Championship Series and that Arena World Championship competitions are currently held and Mythic Dungeon International. We will have to see if the arrival of WoW Classic finally leads to a new high point in the saga and World of Warcraft returns to break out prominently.

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