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Instagram Following/Followers Q'n
11-30-2016, 03:58 PM,
Instagram Following/Followers Q'n
I am trying to figure out how many people I should follow in a day? I think you can follow 50 users in an hour and unfollow 50. Is this every hour of the day and should you follow 50 and unfollow 50? What is the max for total follows and unfollows in a day? Can you do this every hour of the day? Is it important to unfollow and why? How do you choose who to unfollow…. What is the easiest way to follow/unfollow? Is there an App/Site compatible w/ the IG API stipulations that can be used?

I have followed some users with similar Instagram profiles as ming (same niche) to try and keep a targeted audience. When I do this I either get suggestions for following other users or I can click on their followers and who they are following, which one or both do I want to choose to follow users?  Should I follow these users from accounts that are in my niche? Do I need to see if they are targeted profiles or should I just follow them since they are in the community as a follower or in following?

Thank you.

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