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Digital Marketing A Beginners Guide To Facebook Advertising
01-21-2017, 12:51 PM,
Thumbs Up  Digital Marketing A Beginners Guide To Facebook Advertising
[Image: X8vJuFE.jpg]

Learn how to create effective Facebook content and relevant ads to send your business to the next level.
This course is designed to simplify the best practices of Facebook so you can understand how to reach and engage your audience and improve your chances of getting a positive reaction to your Facebook advertising campaigns.

Understand the art of Facebook advertising using proven, simple and effective techniques.
  • Discover what makes 'news feed worthy' content
  • Learn how to properly identify with your customers
  • Find out what it means to 'delight' your audience
  • Hear how Banana Republic triumphed using Facebook 'Lookalike' Audiences
  • Understand the different formats of Facebook Ad Targeting
  • Knowing how to use Facebook advertising formats is an essential element of today's online marketing requirements.
Download link:!gktlVAbQ!rQJDy0fYnucHI...vWHVLp6fzY

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