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Life Coach Certification Masterclass - Coaching Certificate
08-16-2019, 09:24 AM,
Life Coach Certification Masterclass - Coaching Certificate
[center][Image: G-PLife-Coach-Certification-Masterclass-...ficate.jpg][/center]
[center]Life Coach Certification Masterclass - Coaching Certificate
mp4 | AVC: 1280x720 G_P| Audio:AAC LC 128 Kbps | Total files:49 | 1.68 GB
Genre: eLearning | Language: English[/center]

Quote: Start & Grow A Willy Profitable Life Coaching Business From Scratch And Get Your First High Ticket Client In 21 days

What you'll learn

How To Start A Willy Profitable Life Coaching Business From Scratch
How To Build A Solid Foundation For A Successful Life Coaching Business
How To Speak To Your Niche In A Way That Resonates, Builds Trusts And Makes An Impact
How To Build An Effecting Coaching Program That Helps A Lot Of People
The Sales Script To Turn A Complete Stranger Into A High Paying Client
How To Know If Life Coaching Is The Right Business For You
How To Deliver Amazing Coaching and Results
How To Specialize In One Area Of Life Coaching


Desire To Help Others
Enjoy Improving Yourself
Do Meaningful Work
Making The World A Better Place


Dear friend,

If you want to become a highly paid certified life coach (and have a lot of fun in the process) this is probably the best course you'll consume this year.

Wait, before we continue...

Please understand that my results are not typical. I've been at this for more than 6 years and I have a bit of advantage as a result. I am not claiming you will become a successful life coach over night. This stuff takes hard work and a lot of practice. If you are looking for a "pill" to become successful I'm not your guy. Better to know this than be disappointed later.


If you want to help a lot of people, earn a good salary and have the freedom you've always dreamed about, sit tight and get ready! You are about embark on the greatest journey of your life..

The journey of becoming a highly paid life coach.

The truth is that being a life coach is probably the best job in the world, you get to do what you love, help a lot of people in the process and make a lot of money from it. What's even better, you can work from anywhere in the world, have a lot of fun and choose only the people you want to work with.

The days of doing meaningless work are over!

At last, you don't need to do the work that you don't like, work like a slave for somebody else or get stuck into a boring job. Being a life coach is transforming for you and also for your clients. Helping people motivates, inspires and energizes you every day.


First off, this isn't your typical "course" by some faceless entity thrown together just to make a quick buck - in fact, it's the exact opposite. I've helped thousands of people, been featured on TV, popular blogs, got millions of views for my videos and I was even invited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation) to hold a training event for their coaches.

And what's even better - I'm barely charging for my course.

I usually sell this information for thousands of dollars.

My course "Life Coach - Certification Masterclass" is filled with applicable concepts that bridge effective coaching, marketing, sales, and business strategies into an enlightening and practical way for becoming a successful life coach. It's distilled from a decade of actual experience and results.


A Certification For Life Coaching

A Complete Understanding Of How Life Coaching Works

The Most Effective Business Model For Life Coaching

How To Discover What You Are Passionate About So You Coach People In That Area

Why Life Coaching Is the Best Business To Start Right Now

How To Actually Help People And Make A Lot Of Money From It

How To Upgrade Your Mindset So You Don't Self-Sabotage

How To Be Seen As The Expert & Authority

How To Expose Yourself And Break The Terror Barrier

How To Market Yourself On Social Media

How To Find Your Ideal Clients Using Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Reddit

A Complete Sales Script That Converts A Total Strange Into A High Paying Client

Scripts To Book Free Sessions With People

What To Say Word By Word On Social Media In Order To Get People's Attention

How To Do Research So That You Know Exactly What Motivates Your Niche

How To Create A Powerful Message That Makes An Impact

A Script That Converts Between 20-40% In A 45-minute conversation

How To Charge High Ticket Offers For Your Services

How To Build An Effective Coaching Program

How To Create Your Client Avatar

Tools For Booking Consultations And Discovery Sessions

How To Qualify Your Prospects Before Giving Them Your Services

How To Make People Beg For Your Services Instead Of You Going To Them

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

Because you're also getting

- An Advanced Strategy To Close The Sale Right On The Spot Without Having To Wait For The Prospects To Decide

- How To Make Everything Predictable So You Have A Constant Flow Of Money Coming In

- How To Get Predictable Clients Without Worrying Where the Next Client Is Going To Come From

- A Predictable System To Get Clients At Will Even If Nobody's Ever Heard Of You

As you can see, this course is packed with valuable information in every single video. Some people said I could easily charge $6000 for this information and I should NEVER release this to the public for such a low price.

But I'm Going To Pull Back The Curtain And Show You The Most Advanced Strategies And Ways Of Thinking Successful Life Coaches Use...

[Image: G-PLife-Coach-Certification-Masterclass-...ficate.jpg]
[Image: G-PLife-Coach-Certification-Masterclass-...ficate.jpg]
[Image: G-PLife-Coach-Certification-Masterclass-...ficate.jpg]
[Image: G-PLife-Coach-Certification-Masterclass-...ficate.jpg]

[Image: download.png]
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