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Charisma University by Charlie Houpert
07-24-2017, 09:06 AM,
Charisma University by Charlie Houpert
[Image: 1707241359080099.jpg]
Charisma University by Charlie Houpert
WEBRip | English | AVI | 640 x 360 | MPEG-4 ~1603 kbps | 23.976 fps
MP3 | 128 Kbps | 44.1 KHz | 2 channel | ~25 hours | 6.59 GB
Genre: eLearning Video / Self Improvement
Are you already a high-achiever in most areas of life? Are you ready to take your relationships, your confidence, and your charisma to the next level? Then Charisma on Command is for you. We want to help you become insanely charismatic so that your life is filled with success, happiness, and amazing people.
We Believe:
No matter who you are or how much youve achieved, everyone can benefit from taking their charisma to the next level
The best way to improve your life is to develop a naturally charismatic, magnetic presence that draws amazing people into your life
Life is about your relationships with other people

Who is Charisma on Command?
Im Charlie. I do 95 of the writing around here. Youll catch my best friend and co-founder Ben, in some of our videos.
I used to be quite the introvert. Back in high school, I was voted Most Likely To Break Out Of His Shell in College.
And even though life was generally REALLY good and I was happy, I felt like there was something missing.
So I started to read a lot of self-improvement books and apply them to my own life. I worked on confidence, charisma, hell, even just knowing what to say to start a conversation!

It took some time and there were definitely a few false startsbut after several months, I could walk into a room and quickly become the guy people gravitated towards. It felt awesome. I was making more friends, taking more risks, and feeling happier every day.

Today, I live in Las Vegas and teach high-achieving, successful people to exude superhuman charisma. I help them to become the person people notice and want to keep in touch with. I help them get promoted in their jobs and turn bosses into mentors. I help them attract and date amazing, quality people.
I get to help people live their best lives.

[Image: 1707241359090085.jpg]

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08-07-2021, 08:33 AM, (This post was last modified: 08-07-2021, 08:34 AM by marketingprofits.)
RE: Charisma University by Charlie Houpert

[center][Image: d0ce64653dc3e62d561235106acf1688.png]
Charlie Houpert (Charisma on Command) - Charisma University | 6.6 GB[/center]
Charisma University is a 6 week step-by-step program designed to give you all the tools you need to take your charisma to the next level.

What's Inside Charisma University:
Module 1: First Impressions
- The four emotions that will guarantee an amazing first impression, regardless of who you're meeting
- What questions to ask and more importantly, how to know when you should NOT be asking questions
- Body language tips to make a great first impression in just a few seconds
- How to exude positive energy so people love talking to you
- How to answer common questions like, "Where are you from?" and "What do you do?" in a way that gets people intrigued by you
- Video breakdowns of great first impressions for you to model

Module 2: Confidence
- How to build rock solid confidence that you can tap into it in the situations you need it most
- Inner Game exercises that help you eliminate self-doubt
- Psychologically backed practices to go from feeling nervous to feeling confident in less than 2 minutes
- How to solidify your confidence so you maintain it and don't clam up in groups of people you don't know
- Be able to connect with older, more successful business mentors and make them eager to help you get where they already are
- Feel confident at parties WITHOUT having to beeline for the bar and hold a drink at your chest all night

Module 3: Expert Conversation
- How to deal with small talk so that you quickly make people interested in connecting more meaningfully
- Exercises you can do at home so you never run out of things to say when speaking with someone in real life
- How to start conversations that keep themselves going
- How to avoid those awkward moments of silence where the other person politely excuses themselves
- How to lead conversation in a way that makes people respect you without feeling dominated by you
- Two modes of conversation that will take you from initial pleasantries to genuine connection (without getting stuck talking about the weather)

Module 4: Storytelling
- How to tell stories that get people hanging on your every word and have them asking "What happened next!?"
- How the best storytellers take normal, everyday occurrences and turn them into riveting stories
- The different types of stories and how to handle each one of them so that people stay hooked
- How to tell YOUR story in a way that intrigues people and gets them wanting to know more about you
- Video breakdowns from the world's best storytellers, so you can model the greats

Module 5: Presence and Magnetism
- How to get noticed so that others go out of their way to introduce themselves to you
- How to speak so that you command attention (Hint: It's NOT the words you're saying)
- What to do with your eyes, hands, and body positioning so you exude a confident energy and have a commanding presence
- How we are wired to subconsciously detect nervousness and what you can do so people don't see it (or mistake it) in you
- The most important pieces to focus on so you aren't overwhelmed with trying to manage every little inflection, gesticulation, and gesture

Module 6: Leadership
- The 6 types of people and the most powerful ways to influence each of them
- How to motivate others so that they are excited about doing what you persuade them to do
- How to quickly read anyone and know exactly what triggers will influence them
- How to build rapport so you can quickly and easily establish trust
- One of the most important ways top leaders in the world get people to buy into their vision

Bonus #1 Group Interactions
- How to be as good with groups as individuals
- How to be a leader without being a bully
- How to engage the whole group
- How to immediately be accepted into any type of group
- How to find "the seam" in the conversation and jump in without being interrupted
Bonus #2 The Art Of Handling Conflict
- How to disarm someone who's being combative by using one honest sentence
- How to improve relationships that have had long-term friction
- Learn when to avoid conflict and when to embrace it
- 3 phrases that turn enemies into teammates
Charisma University is our flagship product and we plan on adding more to it. Based on student requests, we already have added the bonuses above, daily action guides, and worksheets to simplify some of the at-home exercises. When you join, you are locked in to receive everything that ever comes with Charisma University in the future. Even if the price goes up (which it will).



[center][Image: 5e3359bd9f16adf08a1edf3fab6412bf.jpg][/center]

[center]Link Download
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