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My Little Suggestion For This Forum
04-23-2016, 02:17 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-23-2016, 02:23 PM by lagenda. Edit Reason: Misspelled )
My Little Suggestion For This Forum

Lagenda here from Malaysia.

I want to add little suggestion  for this forum so it can be The Leading IM Forum within 3 years. (3 Years is reasonable i think Nodding  )

1- I'm really appreciated for what Lord Crafty aka Randy Garner does to this forum. I though at first it just another support forum but after been here from early this year,i found this place slowly trying to become a better community. Support from Lord Randy and the work hard from Mod to make this place happening is something that we cant ignore.

I also appreciated what you guy's post,some of them really golden thing that cannot found in other place accept the paid one.


Can you maintain the link for what you have share..? yeah its something like spoon feed but we ourself unable to grab what u've shared. Sometimes,the link goes fast.

2- I know some of you also been a VIP member to other forum,not just BBHF. Maybe CPAlegend,BHW,BHT,MoneyMakerDiscussion,ES5 and WarriorForum (Shit,i wrote this too)

Would you mind to share it here? I mean in VIP section. Please you can use CODE for that so it will never expose to title for any search.

Maybe New Section On VIP name:

AREA 52 or SECTION 8 or WHATEVER YOU WANT TO PUT ON IT with the title in the thread ---> GOLD GOODIES 001,GOLD GOODIES 002,GOLD GOODIES 003,etc.

I'm sure that will increase this forum popularity.

3- Yeah.this forum looked so focus on bing ads because of the nature of this forum. but i think we also can make it like :

3.1 - A platform for product vendor to gain affiliater or for affiliater to looked for product to promote. for payment processing the vendor can use jvzoo or w+ or other payment processing like Ejunkie,Gumroad,Sellfy or the best one for me is Zaxaa.

3.2 - A marketplace. People LOVE buying..i dont know why but it think its nature people love to spend their money. I saw some of you guy also selling here. Thats good. My suggestion is,maybe we can invite other member to join this forum and that way we can increase our member here + it will make other seller come to sell here + this forum traffic will increase + the more we invite our friend to here,to more point we will got or maybe % commision when the upgrade membership or buying goodies that belong to forum.

3.3 - Invite reputable member from other forum to give value in here. Just to name some of them like :

Inquistor , JohnyShadow, Original and some of them that never create any GB like other people  done. Who got it from Bizznuled

Yeah i hate when saw GB section. Seriously. Because if that product their really buying like license for software or others that their really put their money on it,thats ok.

But when their buying it from other place with incredible cheap price,and mention the real course price in their GB,its like they want money..they dont want GroupBuy.

I saw it several time when some people asking for proove any GB Owner purchased.
The answer the comeout is quite funny to be thinking of or  read of. Scare to answer because the never buy it.

3.4 - I really hope the GB section will never been add to this forum..and if people resist to add it,please make it like this:

u bought that GB from other place and u can create the GB here for 'as many as you want' as long as you maintain the link and product update.

We know this will take little afford from you who create GB ,and thats why i say 'AS MANY AS YOU WANT'

If you got the product GB on other place $30,you can said it on your GB thread and request $1-2-3 from member here as many as you want. That make sense to me. But,to take $30 from 100 PEOPLE buying $3000 PRODUCT that really been purchase for $45 is something we cannot accept.


The best is just share it on SECTION 8  :P

Ok that all from me.

Thanks and Regard,

05-28-2016, 09:07 PM,
RE: My Little Suggestion For This Forum
Hi Lagenda Bigsmile

Thanks ok going to verify the links are updated. Bigsmile

Hahha I like Area 52 thank you Bigsmile

Ok going to add all the bh elites Bigsmile

Have to think about GB, cool idea. Nodding

Thank you and I hope you are having a happy day Nodding

Best Regards,

Lord Krafty
[Image: MzEPhT1.gif]
05-29-2016, 10:18 AM,
RE: My Little Suggestion For This Forum
thank you Lagenda we will evaluate your suggestions in team confi and update thread wish you a nice day bro Bigsmile
[Image: qlqko8a6.jpg]

thank you and best regards,
Lion Club / Dre4m

06-01-2016, 09:33 PM,
RE: My Little Suggestion For This Forum
(05-29-2016, 10:18 AM)Dre4m Wrote: thank you Lagenda  we will evaluate your suggestions in team confi and update thread wish you a nice day bro Bigsmile

Yes Nodding
[Image: MzEPhT1.gif]
10-05-2017, 05:13 AM,
RE: My Little Suggestion For This Forum
Yes Sure We Could Be Update Our Forum
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