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CreativeLive - Mastering Blend Modes with Lindsay Adler
08-30-2020, 09:14 AM,
CreativeLive - Mastering Blend Modes with Lindsay Adler
[Image: 68e64165267c98fac809271b7505e9f8.jpg]
CreativeLive - Mastering Blend Modes with Lindsay Adler | 766 MB
Class Description
Control how your image looks, down to the pixel!
If you haven't heard of blend modes before, your workflow is in for a treat. Blend modes are an incredibly powerful control in Adobe® Photoshop® that allows you to decide how a tool interacts with pixels or how two layers interact. Sounds a bit dry... but it's not at all! The creative and practical applications are endless, and you'll love the creative control you gain with these techniques.

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CC 2017

Class Introduction
Two Ways to Blend in Photoshop
Retouching with Blend Modes
Blend Modes for Practical Application
Blend Modes for Creativity
Contouring with Blend Modes
Creative Effects with Blend Modes


[Image: 1b16aa68790d1d7e2bb6e8f8e70b68de.jpg]

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