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04-01-2021, 02:35 PM,

I am really at a loss here.. my husband smokes weed, which is fine with
me. It's usually just at night after our LO has gone down for the night.
But lately I've had to ask him to please not smoke during the day and
he acts like I am being controlling. He believes he functions just the
same as when he's totally sober. It's the same talk time and time again
which has turned into arguing and I actually yelled at him (because he
kept talking over me, after he asked me a question and wouldn't let me
answer) and I've never yelled at him before...
I've also suggested he maybe not hang out with his jailbate buddies from
back in the day. And he makes me feel guilty about that too... but the
house he hangs out in has been raided by the police before. We are
trying to get our lives on track here and be steady for our daughter..
or at least I am. He doesn't see a problem at all with what he's doing.
But in my mind... a fit father shouldn't be doing what he's doing... idk
what to do. It's starting to cause resentment. He's totally fine, but
everything he does annoys me now. I don't want him to even touch me, it
just doesn't feel the same. I feel like the respect is gone... if there
even was any in the first place. I am close to giving up and walking
away. Any advice on saving my family?

04-02-2021, 02:08 PM,
RE: Weed
I think you should tell your husband about this.
04-02-2021, 02:10 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-02-2021, 02:11 PM by RoyFollman.)
RE: Weed

I don't think marijuana will get in your way, quite the opposite. Weed will help you take your mind off serious drugs and ease your symptoms. I smoke marijuana because I suffer from insomnia and chronic depression. I got very hooked on antidepressants and it became a problem for me. Marijuana relaxes me perfectly and I sleep like a baby. I do not advise you to smoke marijuana, It's just my opinion. Your best bet is to consult your doctor and get professional advice. I wish you good luck and patience to get rid of drug addiction and find freedom.


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