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04-13-2021, 02:50 PM,

Host poker nights without chips or playing cards.

04-13-2021, 07:38 PM,
RE: EasyPoker
I want to try it
04-13-2021, 07:39 PM, (This post was last modified: 04-14-2021, 10:45 PM by burdock23.)
RE: EasyPoker

How is it possible to have poker nights without chips or without cards? I understand if you only play without chips, but play without cards? Or you organize something like online tournaments, where everyone can play poker from the comfort of their home on their smartphone or computer. If this is the case, then I also want to try to play with you, as I have been playing for a long time on nha cai w88, where I have gained quite a lot of experience in online gambling, so I think that I can show a good result in this tournament. Considering that poker is one of my favorite card games, I would like to meet some interesting new opponents.

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