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  • — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
09-02-2018, 11:47 PM,
#1 — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
Quote:1). 11 languages available: English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hindi, Indonesian, Burmese, Portuguese, and Turkish.
2). 24/7 operations, no weekends. 
3). Regular addition of new cryptocurrencies for exchange.

The following cryptocurrencies are currently available for exchange:
Bitcoin, Litecoin, SPARTA, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, DASH, Zcash. 

Buy/sell cryptocurrency rapidly and easily at any time:
- Buy/sell in a single click.
- Automatic. 
- Instantaneous. 
- Always based on the market exchange rate. 
- No registration required. 
- Easy and convenient. 
- Ideal for newbies.

How it works:
- Select a pair for exchange.
- Transfer coins to the specified wallet.
- Receive another cryptocurrency to your wallet.

What you get:
- Complete security. 
- 24/7 support.
- Powerful servers. 
- Tips for newbies and useful publications in the social media.

It’s more than an exchanger!
SIGEN combines 3 platforms in 1: auto-exchanger, exchange and P2P platform.

You can both exchange cryptocurrencies and trade them with other players while making profit from trading and investing; you can also buy/sell cryptocurrencies for fiat money on the Peer-to-Peer basis, with no intermediaries involved.

Follow us in the social media:

Buy, sell and make profit from cryptocurrencies.
It’s fast, safe and profitable! Start your exchange right now! platform
09-10-2018, 05:40 AM,
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
Hodlers as the Basis of the Crypto Market

The HODL strategy on the cryptocurrency market refers to an investor holding onto their assets despite all events.


The term “HODL” is derived from a misspelling by a Bitcoin investor back in 2013 when a post titled “I AM HODLING” was published at one of the forums. What he meant was “to hold”, but Bitcoin supporters enjoyed this misspelling so much that they started using it to denote their faith in Bitcoin's ultimate success. Hodlers even have a kind of a motto: “Hold On for Dear Life” — hold your assets as if your life depends on it. Putting emotions aside, this strategy is the easiest for the investor: having bought or mined bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies, the investor has to refrain from selling or exchanging it, they just have to hold it in their wallet. But is it profitable?

Hodler's profit

Historically, being a hodler in the crypto market is quite profitable. Let's look at Bitcoin as an example and see how its price changed over time. In 2013, when the term was coined, Bitcoin cost $600. In 2014 and 2015, its price plunged by almost two times, but in 2016 it shot up to $1,000 and continued to rise until late 2017 when it reached $20,000. Even now, after Bitcoin price plummeted, it still costs over 10 times more than back in 2013. If we compare the current price of Bitcoin with its launch price, many hodlers are actual millionaires.

Hodlers “hover” behind many cryptocurrencies. For example, hodlers who bought Litecoin before March 2017 when it cost around $3 per coin made a decent buck. By late 2017, the price of Litecoin surged to almost $400. The profit margin was over 100 times. Even if Litecoin costs about $57, hodlers are at an advantage in any case.

09-17-2018, 01:29 AM,
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
Hashing and Hash Rate as the Basis of the Cryptocurrency World

The world of cryptocurrencies is full of terms which are worth knowing in order to understand how the market operates. Let's have a look at the concepts of hash rate and hashing.


Hashing is finding a solution to a math problems by using a miner's computing system. In other words, it's the cornerstone of the cryptocurrency system. Its functions are similar to the ones of a “printing press” in the conventional monetary system.

Hash Rate

A hash rate reflects the number of mining cycles a miner's computing system can run per second to find the right solution to the problem. Consequently, the higher the hash rate is, the sooner a miner can solve math problems and the more reward they can earn.

Cryptocurrency networks also have a hash rate that reflects the total computing power of all mining devices. Therefore, to be able to mine cryptocurrency in networks with a high hash rate, you must have a high hash rate of your own, i. e. more powerful devices.

Hash rate is measured in:
- hash/second (H/s) — 1 (the lowest);
- kilohash/second (Kh/s) — 1,000;
- megahash/second (MH/s) — 1 mln;
- gigahash/second (GH/s) — 1 bln;
- terahash/second (TH/s) — 1 trillion;
- petahash/second (PH/s) — 1 quadrillion.

The hash rate measured in H/s is not used any more since the difficulty rate of any cryptocurrency network is continuously growing and requires more computing power. The quest to reduce consumption while preserving the rate of solving problems is the key issue for a miner.

FYI, the hash rate is over 33,000,000 TH/s in the Bitcoin network, about 312 TH/s for Litecoin, and 278 TH/s for Ethereum. In other words, the Bitcoin hash rate is and will remain the highest. Bitcoin's network has the most power, but mining the first-ever cryptocurrency is the most difficult task, too.

The concepts of hashing and hash rate are relevant for the understanding of how cryptocurrency is mined and can clarify the question of cryptocurrency prospects.

[Image: ae98780fa09d.png]

09-26-2018, 04:39 AM,
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
Scam or No Scam — This is the Question

All of you probably know that “scam” literally means con or fraud. However, in the online world, this term has a narrower meaning — raising funds for an allegedly promising project that will then disappear together with the investors' money.


Scam-projects usually spring up in hype industries, i. e. the fastest-growing sectors. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain are a hype sector now; therefore, a lot of conmen find their investor victims in this area.
A scam project is very hard to identify initially. Since cryptoindustry grows very fast, no developers can be confident their project will be a success.
The difference between a scam and any other project is that scam has no success embedded in it — it's just about collecting money from the investors.
However, there's a range of characteristics that might prove a project is a scam.

Scam Characteristics

-- Regular technical issues on the project web-site, DDoS attacks and failures may indicated a project is a scam.
- An important scam characteristic is the low activity of the support service. No one answers your questions, no one responds to your comments or replies with trivialities.
- Despite the announced big plans, the project makes no headway and does not grow.
- Problems related to withdrawing or getting back your funds are probably the most obvious characteristic of scam. In the case of cryptocurrencies, it may be an issue related to selling the tokens. Unfortunately, if the investor reaches this stage, it's hardly possible to get back the invested funds.
- A lot of negative reviews are published online, there's a strong negative feeling around the project on professional forums — this is what you should look out for. Cryptocurrencies are still an area for the “advanced” investors who understand what they invest in — don't ignore their opinion.

These are the key characteristics of scam projects. Each characteristic on its own may simply mean that a project is experiencing some growth difficulties. Together, however, these characteristics are a sign it's not safe and the project is, in all probability, a scam.

10-03-2018, 08:36 AM,
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
Is it Better to Invest in ICO or in the Existing Cryptocurrencies?

Many novice crypto market investors face the problem of choosing the most profitable investment option: ICO tokens or the existing cryptocurrencies. Let's review the key risks and advantages of both options.

ICO tokens

ICO tokens are coins issued in order to raise funds for further cryptocurrency promotion on the market. This procedure is called ICO (initial coin offering). Obviously, anyone may easily join ICO and profit may be huge — as much as dozens of thousands percent of the initial price. But it can only happen if the project is successfully developed and entered the market. Meanwhile, it's really complicated now when the market is crowded with all kinds of ICO's.

At the same time, many projects, even those that turn out to be unsuccessful in the end, usually generate profit at the first stage, even if it's small.

There're two key points to pay attention to when investing in ICO tokens.

- Make sure the team is honest and the project is promising: the web-site must indicate the team's contacts, a complete description of the project and the customer support service. Additionally, it must contain a mandatory warning about the risks related to ICO investments.
- ICO investments are passive — ICO tokens cannot be traded which makes them still more risky. In practice, if the project fails, there's no way to get your investment back.


Currently, over 2,000 various cryptocurrencies that have confirmed their viability are being traded. You can make a passive investment or trade on the exchange. However, not all cryptocurrencies are profitable investment-wise — most coins cost little and are traded in low volumes. At the same time, some new cryptocurrencies are quite promising and could abruptly surge in price and generate a high profit for their holders.

All cryptocurrencies are characterized by volatility, i. e. exchange rate fluctuations. Volatility makes it difficult to forecast the price, thus increasing the risk of losses even if the investment amount is not big.

- Overall, the TOP cryptocurrencies cost more and more with each passing year; therefore, long-term investments in these currencies generally produce an excellent profit.
- Lesser known coins are less predictable and could either surge or remain at the same level for a long time or experience an abrupt fall. However, if a coin does surge, it'll generate a lot more profit than TOP cryptocurrencies. Off-top coins could grow in price a dozen, hundred or even thousand times.

It should also be noted that even if coin price doesn't grow, unlike ICO tokens, the existing cryptocurrencies may be sold to retrieve your investment or minimize losses.


- Investing in ICO tokens means a high risk, a huge profit in case of success and inability to make up for losses in case of failure.
- Investing in off-TOP cryptocurrencies involves a high risk, a big income and capability to partially make up for losses in case of failure.
- Investing in TOP cryptocurrencies means the highest level of stability on the crypto market, a lower income than off-TOP coins and ICO tokens and the biggest recovery of losses in case of failure.

10-12-2018, 11:05 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-12-2018, 11:06 PM by Brexit.)
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
Understanding the basics of blockchain is a good first step. The second step is to distinguish between public and private blockchains. The first type serves as an instrument for decentralization and works in a trustless environment. The second type is aimed to help enterprises increase efficiency and security. Finally, consortium private blockchains permit several companies to share selected data with each other seamlessly and securely which dramatically cuts their costs, saves time, and increases trust among partners. Read more about private vs public blockchain

10-13-2018, 04:18 AM,
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
A Common Programmer Becoming Millionaire Thanks to Bitcoin

A person who refuses to his real name and introduces himself as Mr Smith bought bitcoins back in 2010. He spent three thousand dollars to do it when the first-ever cryptocurrency cost next to nothing and very few people realized its huge potential. Mr Smith is now a millionaire.

Early investor

Mr Smith did not invest in Bitcoin soon after learning about it. He was a programmer in a big firm in the Silicon Valley when he heard about Bitcoin from a co-worker. He studied all available information to understand this new technology. When the price rose from $0.008 to $0.08, Mr Smith made a decision to make a move. He bought 20,000 bitcoins at the price of about $0.15 per coin. Mr Smith was confident Bitcoin had a long-term potential and, as is obvious now, it was the right call to make.


Mr Smith sold 2,000 bitcoins when the price reached $350 (i. e. Bitcoin's value rose two thousand times since the purchase) and then another 2,000 bitcoins when the price climbed to $800. Thus, he ended up with $2.3 mln on his account.

The very next day, Mr Smith retired and went on a round-the-world cruise. “I've got everything I've ever dreamed of... I'm now travelling the world and don't have to worry about money for the rest of my life. I'd be a fool not to sell,” says the investor.

Mr Smith only buys first-class airplane tickets, stays in five-star hotels, and may travel to Singapore, New York, Las Vegas, Monaco, Moscow, Zurich and Hong Kong within a month. As Mr Smith says, he has no minute to spare to be bored.

He still owns enough bitcoins to continue with this lifestyle. In total, he's earned $25 mln on bitcoins. This is what it means to accurately appreciate a new project's potential on time.

8 hours ago,
RE: — Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange in a Single Click with No Registration
How 13 Turtles Became Millionaires

Richard Dennis and Bill Eckhardt — successful and experienced traders — once made a bet. Eckhardt said only a person with a talent could become a trader. Dennis insisted “traders could be grown just like turtles!” — at the time he was really impressed by his recent tour of a turtle farm. So they decided to set up an unusual experiment…


Candidates for the experiment were selected through a newspaper publication. They had to... know nothing about exchange trading. Further selection was supposed to filter out extraordinary people and leave behind the most ordinary ones. In other words, those who were prepared to take excessive risks and were not prepared to learn were excluded from the experiment. Thus, the experimental group ended up with 13 persons who were jokingly called the “turtles”. The group also included two real traders to enable measurement of the “turtles”' progress against them.


In the course of two weeks Dennis taught the novices to read charts and develop a trading strategy accounting for risks. The “turtles” didn't read any analytical articles, follow the news or made forecasts. There were no lectures either — there had only been one theoretical training session. For the rest of the time, novice traders guided by Dennis were creating a system of trading which they then followed mechanically. Having mastered the system, they could soon develop strategies and improve the system independently.


Everyone who was trained by Dennis became millionaire traders continuing to trade independently. They all traded in “trends”, i. e. suffered minor losses when the market moved sideways and made a major profit when a stable “bullish” trend was dominating the market.

Anyway, the key conclusion of the experiment was that any reasonable person could become a successful trader. Therefore, dear friends, it's all in your hands!

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