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11-10-2018, 06:27 AM,
Record video testimonials and earn bonuses!

Dear friends! To make ELDORADO more popular, we're launching a campaign that will reward those who record and send us their video testimonials regarding their membership in the System. The reward in SPA will be equivalent to $ 10.

- Your video must be of high quality (good image, good sound);
- Your testimonial must contain a direct invitation to join ELDORADO;
- Duration of video: at least 20 seconds.

The rest of it is up to you. You could demonstrate your Personal Account with your donations, payments, bonuses; you could show how you withdraw funds or sell SPA; or you could talk about purchases you have been able to make thanks to ELDORADO, etc.

Record your videos and send them to administrators via personal messages on Telegram or Skype.

Welcome to the Club!
11-13-2018, 01:02 AM,
Greetings, friends! Time flies… It seems we only launched the project yesterday, but it's been over a month and a half. All this time project members have been making donations and earning 1% on a daily basis. It is stable operation based on a perfect scheme! Let's discuss the news now.

1. Our community is growing and becoming stronger. Over 6,000 users!
During a month and a half, thousands of like-minded people have joined us. Hundreds of new users join us on a daily basis — they're willing build a new financial system based on kindness and mutual aid. Each new member makes the Club stronger. If you're new to the Club, make donations, invite others to join, build teams and blend in. You made the right choice — one that will change the world.

2. A team of active leaders has been formed! Join in!
Following the announcement of active leaders recruitment in an effort to develop ELDORADO further, lots of eager leaders came forward and we have already formed a solid team. We're happy to know that the community includes some really ambitious, idea-driven people who genuinely want to develop the System, promote it in the masses, strengthen it for the common good and, well, earn awesome bonuses! If you're not in the team yet, join in — let's develop ELDORADO together!  Please fill in the form:

3. 100,000 SPA bonus to a user for a helpful tip.
A short while ago, one of the chat members on Telegram @evschankin gave us an idea on how we could improve performance of the ELDORADO website. We followed his recommendations which resulted in improved website performance while @evschankin received a bonus of 100,000 SPA!  Friends, we want to make the System as efficient as possible and are always willing to follow sound advice. If you have some, please let us know.

4. Don't forget about the $ 10 bonus for video testimonials.
Record videos about ELDORADO with an invitation to join (in good quality and with a duration of at least 20 seconds), post it online and send our chatroom administrators a link via personal messages. This way, you can earn a bonus in SPARTA equivalent to $ 10. Lots of users have already recorded their videos — catch up!

This is all we got for today. We hope that the news has lifted your spirits, as always. We're doing fine which why the news is just as optimistic. Continue to actively develop the ELDORADO Global Mutual Aid Club. Make donations, invite new users, build teams: earn 30% per month + awesome 8-level bonuses. Together we will change the world!

Welcome to the Club!

11-13-2018, 10:47 AM,
SPECIAL OFFER! + 20% on top of your donation in celebration of SPARTA's anniversary! 24 hours only!

Dear friends, today, on November 13, SPARTA is celebrating its anniversary. It's been precisely 1 year since the coin was launched! We are launching a special offer in celebration of this wonderful occasion. Each user who makes a donation during 24 hours will receive +20% on top.

- This special offer is valid on November 13, from 00:00 till 23:59 GMT.
- As a protective measure against fraudsters, the bonus will be transferred in two weeks, on November 28, provided that the donation is not withdrawn in these 2 weeks.

For instance:
- You donate 1,000,000 SPA today.
- 2 weeks have passed.
- In 2 weeks, you will be able withdraw a little over 1,356,000 SPA (+20%) instead of 1,130,000 SPA, with the bonus not included!

It's as simple as that. Don't miss your chance to earn +20% on the spur of the moment. Make a donation right now!

Please note that on November 13, as a protective measure against fraudsters, withdrawal will be disabled for all members. On November 14, withdrawal will be available again. 

Welcome to the Club!

11-16-2018, 10:51 PM,
Greetings, friends! It is mid-November today. Winter is coming. It's freezing in many countries but the steady income of 1% a day from ELDORADO warms the heart in all weathers.  Our System works better than a cup of hot tea.  Let's get to the news.

1. A good price to buy SPARTA!
Yesterday, all cryptocurrencies including SPARTA collapsed. The price of Bitcoin, Ethereum and most cryptos has plunged.  According to Coinmarketcap, about 95% of all cryptocurrencies have fallen in price! In other words, SPARTA is not the only crypto whose price has slumped as you might have thought. This is a massive dump. On the one hand, this is certainly bad. But on the other hand, it is good because we have a great opportunity to buy SPARTA at a good price – 2 satoshi – and join ELDORADO. Things are going well in ELDORADO. The ELD rate is only growing and has never fallen down, Being a member of ELDORADO, you will always make profit even if crypto prices dump.

2. Stability of ELDORADO, against all the odds!
The compensation payments and a panic about price dump in no way influenced ELDORADO's stable operation.  Yesterday, for the first time the System faced quite a serious load – lots of members withdrew their funds. With such a load, HYIP and other projects would have collapsed, but the ELDORADO did really well. After the wave of withdrawals ended, the money-box account has about 540 000 000 SPA. It is more than enough to ensure the System's stable operation with no restarts. 

3. Record video testimonials and apply for a leader!
Record videos about ELDORADO with an invitation to join and earn a bonus in SPARTA equivalent to $ 10. Post the video (in good quality and with a duration of at least 20 seconds) online and send our chatroom administrators a link via personal messages. Also, if you want the System to grow, help it to develop. Apply for the position of leader and get into the team of Eldorado enthusiasts. Excellent bonuses are waiting for you! Submit your application here -

ELDORADO proved that even under a high load it is able to stand on its own feet. It is a Global Mutual Aid Club whose members make a profit every 8 minutes in any situation. So, make donations and get 30% per month, bring in new members and build teams – earn awesome bonuses! ELDORADO always pays!
Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club!

11-24-2018, 06:39 AM,
Greetings, dear friends! Even when the cryptocurrency market is slumping and all coins are getting cheaper, ELD price continues to grow. ELDORADO guarantees stable 30% earnings per month which is profitable even if the market is slumping. When the market reverses and shows an upward trend, each of you will make a double (maybe even triple) profit. Let's discuss the news now! 

1. ELDORADO offering gifts for registration via a Telegram bot. 1,000 SPA per new user!
You're welcome to use our Telegram bot that awards each new user with 1,000 SPA. We hope you'll like it. Using it is as simple as ABC: indicate your SPA address to join ELDORADO and receive 1,000 coins on your balance. They immediately start growing. It's important to indicate the address which has not made any donations so far. This gift is offered by the System for registration. Enjoy — @freeSpartaBot ! 

2. ELDORADO celebrating its two-month anniversary!
Time passes really quick. Our Global Mutual Aid Fund is now celebrating its two-month anniversary! All this time, every user who has made a donation has been earning a stable 1% per day. It means 2 months of successful and sustainable operations; 2 months of the System losing none of its vigor and growing still stronger. Naturally, it's also a convincing answer to lots of sceptics and “competitors” who were predicting the collapse of the System two weeks after the launch. Don't count on it! 

3. 6 bln SPA in donations, over 600 mln SPA in the moneybox.
A new record has been set — our users have donated 6 bln SPA in total! The System's moneybox used to make all payments contains over 600 mln SPA. After a large-scale withdrawal during a slump in the cryptocurrency market, the System has fully recovered and become still stronger. It's more than enough for stable operations with no restarts. Our moneybox is the key proof of the Mutual Aid Club doing just fine! 

Summing it up, ELDORADO is doing fine. It's going to get better, especially when the cryptocurrency market trend turns upward. That's when we're going to reap the best fruits. To have more fruits to reap, buy SPARTA and make donations right now while the price is still incredibly profitable.

Welcome to the Club!

11-30-2018, 05:33 AM,
ELDORADO is doing great. We've got lots of news we'd like to share — let's get to it right away. Bang, and off we go!

1. Compensations of the second wave have been fully paid! The money box now contains over 800 mln SPA!
The System's moneybox used to make all payments now contains over 800 mln SPA. We've made +100 mln SPA in 3 days — it's awesome! On this occasion, we launched the second wave of compensations. Another 15% of the remaining applicants received full payments totaling 21 mln SPA. The principle remains the same — compensation is first paid to the users who need it more, i. e. have applied for smaller amounts. The next wave will be launched when the amount in the moneybox reaches 1 bln SPA. Have a look at the money box here:  

2. +20% bonus in celebration of SPARTA's anniversary has been paid.
Each user who donated on November 13 when SPARTA celebrated its anniversary and did not withdraw this “deposit” for 2 weeks has now received the well-deserved bonus. Each user has been awarded 20% of the donation + earnings for the period.

3. All video bonuses have been paid! 28 in total!
Yes, we've done it. Overall, we have received about three dozens of awesome videos from our users. Each of them has received a bonus for their video — SPA amount equivalent to $ 10. Don't be shy, record your own unique video testimonials about the System and send them to us via the chat or administrators' personal messages. It'll be a win-win — good for the Club and profitable for you personally.

4. Over 8,000 users!
Lots of new users continue to join the Club. We're marching confidently towards 10,000 users. We've already reached 8,000. In fact, we now have about 8,500 users, so we only have to sing up another 1,500 new users to hit the precious “ten thousand”. It's simple — be active in inviting new users and they will soon join the System.

5. Pop-up notifications of deposits/withdrawals by users have been added.
You can now see all donations and withdrawals in real time in small “pop-ups” in the bottom left corner of the screen. Basil donates 1 mln SPA — you see a notification. Peter withdraws 100 mln SPA — you see a notification. Except you'll see SPARTA addresses instead of Basils and Peters. The System is operating — it's now visual.

6. SPARTA buy order books are full on both exchanges. Over 11.5 BTC to be bought!
Users and traders wish to buy a lot of SPA. Engagement and interest towards SPARTA and ELDORADO are visibly growing. Both SIGEN and BTC-Alpha now have huge buy orders where SPA price is 1 or 2 satoshis. Overall, buy orders amount to nearly 1 bln SPA | 11.5 BTC (including 2-satoshi orders totaling 350 mln SPA | 7 BTC)! In fact, there have been some transactions where the price is 3 satoshis, but owners of 2-satoshi orders don't rush to sell.  It signifies the price is about to rise. Hurry up and buy SPARTA. It's likely traders will start to actively buy 3-satoshi orders pretty soon, and you'll miss your chance to buy SPA at the price of 3 satoshis.

You can buy SPARTA in exchange for cryptocurrencies here — or here, or you can buy it in exchange for fiat money here — or here —

This is it! We've brought you some awesome news today. We're sure you've liked it. Continue to be active — make donations, invite new users, build your teams and earn percentage and bonuses. We're here to stay!

Sincerely yours, ELDORADO Team! Welcome to the Club!

P. S. Remember: all new users receive a registration bonus. You can collect it via our Telegram bot — @freeSpartaBot

12-04-2018, 11:30 PM,
ELDORADO will earn you a +0.00485917% profit every 8 minutes: +1% per day or +30% per month. To make it more visual, let's use a specific calculation example: how much you can earn if you make a donation worth of 1,000,000 SPA provided that this amount is left untouched. Thus, your donation of 1,000,000 SPA will grow as follows:

- To 1,300,000 in a month.
- To 1,690,000 in two months.
- To 2,197,000 in three months.
- To 4,826,809 in six months.
- To 23,298,085 in a year.

In just a year you can grow your capital by over 23 times! Have you ever seen anything like this in a bank or a HYIP project? It's unlikely! Given that SPA price will grow over this time, your profit will be phenomenal. Moreover, you won't lose anything even if the price goes down since the profit you make will cover your losses anyway.

Additionally, if you actively invite referrals, you will be able to earn much more — it's all in your hands. Therefore, don't waste your time — join ELDORADO, grow your capital and change the world for the better!

Join us now!

[Image: bda4af0a1b8a.png]

12-05-2018, 11:11 PM,
Best Video Contest!
Record creative video testimonials — and get awesome prizes!

Greetings, friends! We're announcing the Best Video Contest featuring video testimonials about the ELDORADO Global Mutual Aid Club! 4 winners will be awarded:

- Best Video — 1,000,000 SPA.
- Second Best Video — 500,000 SPA.
- Third Best Video — 300,000 SPA. 
- “Audience Award” (as voted by the contestants) — 200,000 SPA.

1. Your video must be of high quality (good image, good sound);
2. Your testimonial must contain a direct invitation to join ELDORADO;
3. Duration of video: at least 20 seconds.

Prizes will be awarded to the best videos — the most creative and interesting!

To become a winner, make creative videos with an interesting plot motivating people to join ELDORADO! The more interesting your video is, the more chances you have got to win. So turn your imagination on and go ahead — to meet your good luck!

We will only accept new videos made after this piece of news has been published. Those of you who submitted their video within the “SPA equivalent of $10” can make a new video and take part in the contest on standard terms.

Make your videos and send them to the chatroom or to administrators via personal messages on Telegram or Skype.

Welcome to the Club!

12-08-2018, 03:53 AM,
While banks offer you “super-profitable deposits” with an interest of up to 15% per YEAR, ELDORADO consistently pays 30% per MONTH. A month on ELDORADO is like 2 years in a bank. 1 year on ELDORADO is like making a bank deposit for 24 (!) YEARS! There you go. Now — let's talk news. 

1. We have 9,000 users!
The Club is continuing to actively grow. We've now hit the level of 9,000 users — it's the last big milestone before the precious “ten thousand” mark. We'll be 10,000 very soon, friends! It's a nice number we've deserved by our seamless and efficient operations! All of you who invite new users are doing a good job! 

2. SPARTA: chances of going down in value are approaching zero, chances of going up are really good.
SPA buy order books are filled to the max. Over 13 BTC to be bought!
Demand for SPARTA is still on the rise. One of these days, a lot of big SPA buy orders with the price of 2 satoshis were created. Overall, users want to buy about 900 mln SPA worth over 13 BTC! It can only mean one thing: SPARTA will hardly go down in price — it has near-unbreakable support. Meanwhile, chances of buying SPA at the price of 3 satoshis continue to grow slimmer. The number of 3-satoshi orders is growing smaller — move fast and buy SPA while you still can to avoid tearing your hair out later. It seems to be heading for a price surge.

3. We're waiting for your awesome videos for the contest! The prize pool is 2 mln SPA! The contest will last until December 23 inclusive.
Don't forget we're having the Best Video Contest for our users. It's simple: make an awesome video and send it to our chatrooms or to our administrators via personal messages. The creator of the best video will be awarded with 1 mln SPA, the second best contestant will receive 500 thousand SPA, the third best — 300 thousand SPA, the Audience Award will be 200 thousand SPA. Don't ponder over it for too long — the contest will not last forever. December 23 is the last day of the contest — we're waiting for your videos!

Welcome to the Club!

Yesterday, 04:54 AM,
ELDORADO is a System that makes you richer every 8 minutes. What do you need to do? You need to buy SPARTA cryptocurrency, make a donation and voila — you make profit every 8 minutes. The bigger your donation is, the more profit you make — and you can withdraw your funds at any time. 

Here's an example of how you can briefly tell people about ELDORADO if you want to invite them to the Club. You will then give them a link to our website and promotional materials: It seems like an easy matter. Try to do it — you will be astonished by the results. Let's discuss the news now. 

1. All video bonuses have been paid.
Another wave of video bonus payments has completed. A reward of 120,000 SPA has been given to each video maker, as promised. If you haven't made a video yet, why not? The System is operating like clockwork, just don't be lazy. Publish your video testimonial and send the link to our chatrooms or to the administrators via personal messages to get your reward. 

2. We have added the “Reviews” page.
We have added a page with your testimonials about the Club to our website. There's quite a lot of them, by the way. They will be useful for many users who have their doubts about the System's integrity for some reason. You can now view testimonials by real people on the website to help you make the right choice and become a part of our System. You can also send its URL to everyone you would like to invite to the Club. 

3. Don't believe lies about Mavrodi being alive.
A video demonstrating an allegedly recent address by Sergey Mavrodi is circulating around the Web. In fact, this is nothing but manipulation — this video is using neurocomputer modeling. Mavrodi is our leader of all time. However, as grievous as it may be, he passed away. All attempts to show he has just been sick is a blazing lie aiming to make money out of his name. 

That seems to be it for now. Make donations, invite new users and build teams. Help the System grow for the public good and let everyone win. Acknowledge this and don't be idle. If you've joined us, ELDORADO is your System.

Welcome to the Club!

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