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10-24-2018, 06:23 PM,
Frédéric Chopin biography
frederic Chopin was born in a village near Warsaw from a polish mother and a french father. His gifted talent appeared when he was in young ages and he became famous and got  “second motzart”  as his nickname. He composed 2 pieces for polonaise (kind of polish dance) before his 7th year which led him to become a prodigy child. He held his first concert at the age 8, and became part of congress poland in 1815, at age 15. Then he finished his education and composed some of his works before leaving  warsaw at the age 20. The last 18 years of his life he preformed only 30 public concerts because he rather preferred more intimate atmosphere salon.

Frédéric Chopin in France

chopin settled in France at age 21. He earned money by selling his compositions and teaching piano classes as he was in high demand. Then, He formed a friendship with Franz Liszt. In 1835 he became citizen of France. He used piano in all of his compositions. He was majorly a solo pianist. after years chopin did meet his family in a city of france and then accompanied them to the warsaw. When he was getting back he got a terrible asthma attack that polish news released his death news.

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