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PPC Strategic Click Group
11-07-2018, 10:05 AM,
Star  PPC Strategic Click Group
Hi Guys

It's been a long time coming, and I have been a member of PPC groups and long term they don't work. This is due to the lack of knowledge either by the group or users been lazy or simply no structure.

So finally after a few requests, I have created PPC Demon.

PPC Demon is a strategic forum that after verification, users can kind of bid to click on other verified user websites. This is determined by location, CTR, impressions, and a few other factors. Everything is hidden to even the registered user so we will have a tight community working together.

For the first 50 signup's this is free to Krafty users. Then it's $10 a month to access. This is also for free traffic, so your $10 you will get 10,000 hits on for free once you link your account with PPCDemon. will lower your overall PPC CTR (Click through rate) which is advised at no higher than 3%.

I have just launched the website, so feel free to join, and let's get started.

First 50 signup's free. We won't start until we have the userbase.

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