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Corporate gifts ideas
12-27-2018, 11:43 AM,
Corporate gifts ideas
What such ideas do you know?
12-27-2018, 03:03 PM,
RE: Corporate gifts ideas
Delicious (and Adorable) Cookies

Who doesn’t like cookies? Small snacks like these are an obvious choice because they are cost-effective and can be enjoyed by everybody at your client’s office. Thumbs Cookies is one the best providers of corporate cookies (where you can brand the box). They’ve worked with biggies, too—including Tiffany and Co. and the professional Golf Masters.

Handmade Pottery

Mugs and other pottery have been used for centuries as corporate gifts because they stick around. Many of us use these mugs every single morning, giving us a constant reminder of the company that gifted them to us.

Price - $7-11 per mug, depending on the quantity

Useful Stationery

There is stationary, and then there’s stationary. You know what we mean—the difference between a cheap pen and a beautiful notebook is tremendous, and your clients notice too. Mint has some great options here—from envelopes to letterhead, some with foil overlay.

Price from to $2.60 per page depending on stock, foil overlays, and other customization

Tickets to an Event

Why not give your clients a night that they can’t forget? Avoid industry events that are often dull and opt for a fun night that everybody will enjoy.

Imagine the look on your clients face when you let them know that they have tickets to go to see a concert, a play, or a football game! Priceless!

Depending on budget, you might consider renting a box and inviting several clients at one time—being sure to stock the box with branded merchandise and swag that they can take home.

Pizza Delivery

We all love food! Nothing is better than surprise snacks that you didn’t pay for, after all. Send over a few pizzas to your client’s office with a note letting them know that you’re thankful for their business. If you want to keep your brand top-of-mind, tack on a customized gift card or coupon so that they can have another pizza party on you.

Branded USB Drives

Functional gifts are often overlooked because they aren’t as exciting as clothes and pizza, but a branded USB drive that your client uses daily will keep you in their business consciousness.
12-28-2018, 08:36 AM,
RE: Corporate gifts ideas
Corporate Gifts is a great way of sending the write message to the right people. It is one of the effective communication tools which can be used both within and outside the company. Corporate gifts can be used to convey the message of employee loyalty , employee appreciation, encouragement, inspiration within the Company. Many cool ideas you can find on for any budget.
01-03-2019, 07:48 PM, (This post was last modified: 01-08-2019, 10:57 AM by Tomjor33. Edit Reason: mistake )
RE: Corporate gifts ideas
Hello!In my company our boss joke that presented for us a medical examination in the clinic because he needs healthy employees. At the first time, we all laughed. But when we know more about cost we think that its great idea. And all the staff agreed with him.
01-24-2019, 07:39 AM,
RE: Corporate gifts ideas
I work in sales of cosmetics. Most of the employees are women. Therefore, our hirer decided to give them a certificate of purchase in online boutiques at the end of the year. It was a very extraordinary corporate gift, but everyone was happy. Everyone could choose a fashionable novelty.

P.S. The guys got their whiskey)
01-28-2020, 08:18 PM,
RE: Corporate gifts ideas
I believe that the gift should be useful and inexpensive.  This year I gave this aura cbd oil to everyone close to me.  I read a lot of positive reviews about its properties and I realized that it was created from high quality ingredients.  I am sure this is a good gift idea that will help your friends improve Health and Immunity.
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