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Atlas - Someone got into an admin account, causing serious chaos in the game
01-21-2019, 05:06 PM,
Atlas - Someone got into an admin account, causing serious chaos in the game
Survival Evolved CD Key The new game of ARK: Survival Evolved ie Studio Wildcard has not started too well although the fans promised quite serious things. In addition here is a case that may not seem like a big problem but it certainly does not light the game.

Now one of the developer profiles was successfully broken by someone who then started to fill the track with airplanes whales and World War II tanks which after the developers noticed quickly shut down the servers and put things down.

Later developers deactivated the server and then reset it to about 5 hours earlier. This on the one hand remedied the problem but at the same time the development of the other players became obsolete. From a newsletter it turned out that the case was not a hack an external program or an exploit and the guys had already taken the necessary steps to prevent this happening again.

Fortunately they were recorded on several video recordings buy Ark Accounts so we still had the experience. The players suspect the Black Butterfly hacker team as perpetrators which can also serve as evidence that one of the recordings below will bring a whale to one of the Black Butterfly's ships.

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