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What first necessary steps in SEO for new website?
02-04-2019, 08:11 PM,
What first necessary steps in SEO for new website?
What first necessary steps in SEO for new website? to obtain good impression and CTR.
02-22-2019, 06:04 AM,
RE: What first necessary steps in SEO for new website?
Since, you have built your website, you want to do following to ensure maximum traffic to your website-

1. Keeping pages topic focused:
When you start to develop a page for your website consider the page's main focus and take a look at your list of keywords - what keyword(s) best describes what's on that page?
There are some areas of a web page that are important and will "call out" to the search engines what the main topic of the page is. A good plan when creating a page is to keep it topic focused by integrating your keywords into different places such as the:
Page Title
Special formatting such as bolding or italicizing
Throughout the written content
In text links
2. Writing title, description and keywords tags:
Each of these meta tags; title, description and keywords tags, can be added to your site by clicking on Page > Page Properties > Metadata.

3. Incorporating keywords into content:
When you write page content, the keywords should blend in naturally - don't overdo the usage of keywords, or the search engines will ignore the pages. Internet content should be easy for the reader to scan or read through. You can create this effect with:
Short paragraphs.
Logical page breaks utilizing headings and subheadings.
Bullet pointed and numbered lists.
Bolding or italicizing (more useful for search engine optimization than optimum readership, don't overdo).
Creating keyword rich text links

4. Giving images alternative text:
Search engines cannot "see" graphics, they read text. You can help the search engines "see" the topic of your graphics by giving them something called an "alternate attribute" or "alternate text".

5. Build quality links to keyword targeted pages & Promote website online (targeting your potential audience).

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