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Large limestone crushing production line equipment
03-27-2019, 01:33 PM,
Large limestone crushing production line equipment
Now many of the construction Ball Grinding Machine Installation projects , the required scope is very broad stone , and limestone as a common building material , it's the most widely used in cement, metallurgy , mining and other industries extremely versatile , and the impact of mine production  crushed limestone crusher as an expert , which it has a unique advantage? its accessories from which to analyze it. Impact crusher is mainly composed of a rotor , hammer, liner, back plate , chassis and other parts. First, start with the housing section, which is an important part of the crushing chamber , the hammer to break down the main shell composition, its structure using welding eliminate stress annealing process , and fully guarantee the rotor mounting accuracy.
The rotor is the core component of the Hammer Crushing Capacity , where the main shaft made ??of high quality alloy steel after quenching processing , bearing by a significant number of horizontal boring and milling machining ; hammer plate hammer holes using surface heat treatment to improve wear resistance. In addition, we can add wear and rotor retaining ring , and fully guarantee the life and efficiency of the rotor. This can be based on customer needs home wear and retainer , and it can be removed by simply replacing the outside of the retainer when replacing it. Under normal circumstances, customers are required to increase wear and retainer , so would greatly lengthen the service life of the rotor .
Hammerhead using chromium alloy composite casting process to improve the impact resistance and hammer hammer handle the wear resistance. By hammer hammer and hammer the disk axis , the spindle assembly into one. Hammer hammer shaft can turn 360 degrees around , avoiding the hammer reversal process with direct impact spacer sleeve to ensure the normal operation of the rotor. Designs best flow chart with various configuration of equipments to meet the different requirements of customers. This Gravel Production Line is high efficiency,low cost, big processing capacity ect. We will provide you the comprehensive service in the before ,during and after sales service. In line with the specific production site ,we are going to attempt to complete a best ,economic production line for the customers .

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