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You want to purchase in nba 2k19 mt
04-22-2019, 05:38 PM,
You want to purchase in nba 2k19 mt
As soon as you've discovered the animations you want to purchase in nba 2k19 mt, you will just need to press Triangle / Y again to buy and confirm that your spends, provided that you have got sufficient VC.Provided that you are doing, the VC will be deducted from your account, along with your new animations and emotes will be added into the My Animations tab inside your MyPlayer menu.And that's all you want to know to purchase animations and emotes in NBA 2K19. For more tips, tricks, and guides about the sport, we have a guides wiki carrying you through everything from the fundamentals to more advanced tactics and abilities.
05-11-2019, 01:47 PM,
RE: You want to purchase in nba 2k19 mt
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