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Concrete Aggregate Crushing Equipment
05-27-2019, 01:42 PM,
Concrete Aggregate Crushing Equipment
Construction aggregate particle shape of aggregates Tailings Processing Production Line have high requirements for the broken jaw, cone crusher and other traditional crusher, because different crushing mechanism, the material produced in particle shape, flake, needle more, In particular, there are strict requirements for high-grade highways, major projects, the kind of construction aggregate is not met, the view of this situation, We on the impact crusher cavity optimization improvements, the crushing and shaping functions integration, out of the particle shape into cubes, very satisfactory.
If the work is focused on coarse Principle Of Hammer Crusher Machine, can choose gyratory crusher, large jaw crusher, hammer crusher and impact crusher, specific choice according to the ore hardness segmentation. If used for middle crushing, usually adopt cone crusher type and standard (middle), hammer crusher and impact crusher, in small and medium sized mines, but also a finely jaw crusher and double cavity gyratory crusher. If used to finely crushing, choose a short head type cone crusher, roller crusher, vertical impact crusher, cage crusher, small and medium sized mines of double cavity gyratory crusher can be used.
The basic characteristics of concrete aggregate crushing equipment is high wear resistance, broken particle size is good. Our gravel production line design philosophy is to achieve rock stone crushing, perfect shaping, comprehensive screening and intelligence operations. At present, the production efficiency, a sand effect, have a superiority on the life of the product, is the processing advantages of Aggregate device of choice, innovation and success with energy efficient design concepts become gravel aggregate production line. If you have any need or questions, you can always contact our customer service staff, or leave us a message.

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