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Simple Wave Analysis and Trading by Chris Svorcik
06-15-2019, 01:38 AM,
Simple Wave Analysis and Trading by Chris Svorcik
[Image: 65e0dbef51724035bd9a76e642fede58.png]
Simple Wave Analysis and Trading by Chris Svorcik | SIZE: 3 GB

Who Is It For?
The system works best if you are looking for a convenient way to understand wave theory and effectively apply it in trading.

Hi Traders
Over the last 10 years, I'v been practicing technical analysis and education. I'm particularly fond of Waves, as well as using trend, momentum, patterns, support and resistance tools to crack down the market structure .
My Favourite Tools: Trend Lines, Moving Averages, Fibonacci Levels, Fractals and Price Action.
Comprehensive video tutorials and trading handouts
This trading system removes the guess work usually seen with Elliott Wave analysis. The method transforms discretionary, insecure wave trading to a relatively simple and clear trading systems - both discretionary and non-discretionary.
The simple approach is a system that all traders can use - even traders who do not intend on counting or labeling waves or those that do not enjoy waves in any shape or form. Explaining the system includes videos, handouts, and tools.
Risk and trade management setups:

- Risk management: you will find out which parts of the price action carry higher risk and which parts are known for higher success ratio. This in turn can be used for reducing or increasing the risk at the right timing.
- 4-step trade management plan: understand the market cycles properly and be able to manage the trade in accordance with the market structure.
- Money management. Know where to place the stop loss at the best spot. Know where to set your target at key levels of confluence. Know when to aim for a smaller/higher reward to risk (r:r) ratio

The course will explain when to use a tight or a loose trail stop loss and when it is better to risk relatively less or normal.

- Three fully rules based trading systems (totally non-discretionary)
- Five discretionary tradind systems (three with trend and two counter trend)
- Discover the best Fibonacci levels, learn the correct swings for Fibonacci placement, time the Fibonacci retracements levels at the correct moments, and pinpoint the most profitable Fibonacci targets

[Image: 1fe2db4fd1793dd9661561d2527fcdd6.png]
[Image: ed4be07d164e5145fb8c781b5ad00e2c.jpg]

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