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VSI sand making machine for the production
06-19-2019, 07:13 PM,
VSI sand making machine for the production
Currently, engineering Vertical Roller Mill industries very large sand directly fuelling their corresponding follow-up force to the machinery manufacturing industry. Due to current construction specification requirements have been significantly improved a lot than ever before, so gravel specifications began gradually to high demand further excessive fine grade sand, it is at this point, Shanghai machinery research and development to produce VSI sand making machine, making it suitable for high production of fine grade sand for construction.
VSI sand making machine based on the original sand technology, summarizes the disadvantages and advantages of using high-performance feeding control device and a detection device, VSI sand making machine can improve on the original particle grade level a notch, and you can make a good profit.
VSI high fine grade Ultrafine Mill not only has its unique place on the crushing Chamber, more material has its unique place in the control. Because cycling equipment often forms the huge range of items exported to the, in order to solve this problem, Shanghai Our application engineering staff a one-off pressing fine screen for basic grading equipment, and leave the high inclination of inclined plane device. When items are stacked to a certain extent, the dip is a rolling effect under the action of gravity and take away all the excess product. Doing this will greatly facilitate the automatic renewal of material effects.
Mechanical production of new VSI business sand machine applies Yu various ore, and cement, and refractories, and aluminum where soil clinker, and diamond sand, and glass material, and mechanism building sand, and stone and various metallurgical slag, special on SIC, and diamond sand, and sintering aluminum bauxite, and beauty sand, high hard, and special hard and the wear Eclipse sex material,, that reduced has using artificial sand to natural brings of against for green do a copies contribution, also solution has natural sand sand volume less and sand mass poor of problem, meet has engineering industry with sand of needs.

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