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New cement production line can achieve energy
06-26-2019, 01:24 PM,
New cement production line can achieve energy
New cement Stone Crusher Mining Industry line can achieve energy conservation in the firing system. Through the establishment of the single-stage and multi-stage powder suspension and heat exchanger thermodynamic theory model and stability theory model of calciner thermal, they establish the thermal efficiency of the system-wide model. They systematically studied the thermal efficiency of the suspension preheater and calciner and its influencing factors, combination of processes, the flow field, temperature field of suspension preheater system features, rational distribution of concentration field and carbonate decomposition and solid-liquid reaction kinetics characteristics and under the guidance of the results of this review, they develop a new dry-process cement production line technology and equipment.
For the study on Low Price Jaw Crusher For Minerals industrial furnace cement production line, the domestic and foreign research institutes finally form heat, kinetic mechanism based on the formation of cement clinker, and they study the process of cement kilns,and explore the movement of the the device subsystem mechanism and the feed gas, heat transfer law. From a design point of view, the energy-saving technology should include burning system of energy-saving technologies, grinding system of energy-saving technologies, waste disposal and utilization of new cement production line as well as efficient and pure low temperature heat power generation technology.
High quality coal should burn with low quality coal, and use large burner, improve the utilization of low quality coal and coal combustion rate, 2. Adopts the fourth-generation grate cooler (-steady flow cooler) instead of the third generation grate cooler. Improve the efficiency of clinker heat recovery, cooling efficiency, operation rate, reduce wear and tear on equipment; 3. Adopt the bag filter to improve the collection efficiency, reduce the power consumption: 4. Adopt the kiln and kiln exhaust gas as raw material and fuel, to improve the utilization of geothermal energy.

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